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5 things you need to know about wearing contact lenses in winter

Jakub Odcházel, DiS.

Medically reviewed by Jakub Odcházel, DiS., Chief Optician, on 1 Dec 2019. Written by Maria Chiara Tarsia

Winter is here and the weather seems to worsen from day to day during this period of the year, today it is the perfect time to discuss about how to take care of your contact lenses throughout the winter season. Because the humidity in the atmosphere over the entire winter months is lower, you will find below all the steps to wear contact lenses safely during the coldest days of the year. To get to the point here's all you need to know about this:

1. Changing contact lenses

Do not forget to change your contact lenses according to your schedule with your ophthalmologist. Depending on your need, it is necessary to change your contact lenses once a week, once every two weeks or monthly. This will allow for better oxygenation and reduce irritation that can cause unwanted comfort.

2. Take a break from time to time

As long as humidity in the atmosphere is low, try to vary wearing contact lenses with eyeglasses. We recommend you do it every time you get home after a tiring day at work. In the privacy of your home, it is also more relaxing to wear your eyeglasses and to take them off whenever you want. This reduces the discomfort caused by eye irritation, a result of excessive wear of contacts in cold winter days.

3. Relaxation is crucial

Keep in mind that sleep is your best friend and it enormously helps your eyes to rest and reduces the discomfort caused by dry eyes. If you sleep better, your eyes will accept the contact lenses much easier. If you think about resting your whole body, you will feel great throughout the day.

4. Drier eyes, drier skin

As I said at the beginning, during winter, eyes become drier. Weather conditions, such as frost and precipitation, cause this, but not only the eyes are undergoing this transformation in winter. The skin is more exposed to dehydration these months, so always put on contact lenses before using a moisturizing cream for your skin.

5. Much better for your eyes

You have to keep in mind that your eyes are more sensitive during the entire winter months. That's why, if you choose to wear contact lenses, you need to be more careful if you want everything to be fine. During winter sunny days, try to wear sunglasses with high protection, against UV rays and wind. Also, avoid eye contact with direct heat sources such as fireplaces or chimneys. Instead, we recommend that you have a humidifier in your room so that your eyes enjoy optimal hydration.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice if you have any questions about wearing contact lenses during winter. Also, discuss with your ophthalmologist about this subject and follow his/her advice and recommendations.

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  • Fabrizio

    Hello Chris,

    Well, we happen to have somebody in the office who also works as a
    nutritionist and said it is unlikely Omega7 will help in such conditions.

    Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Chris J.

    Do you think taking an (oral) Omega7 supplement ( Seabuckthorn Oil, or Macadamia nuts) would be helpful in the winter, or if you are travelling and can't guarantee humidity?


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