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Photochromic sunglasses

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Photochromic sunglasses

Photochromic sunglasses are high-tech eyewear par excellence. Their sun protection is excellent, and yet you hardly notice that they are sunglasses at all.This is due to a self-tinting lens design that’s only activated in bright light conditions.

What are photochromic lenses and how do they work?

Photochromic lenses, also called transition lenses, are not just made of mineral glass or high-quality plastic. Rather, self-tinting glasses use a unique technology that allows the sunglasses to darken only when exposed to sunlight.

As a result, light-adaptive lenses are clear under normal lighting conditions. They only turn darker in bright light conditions, depending on how intense the sunlight is. Best of all, transition sunglasses offer 100% UV protection at all times, no matter what stage they are in. This protects your eyes all day long, all year round - your sunglasses always adapt to the light conditions and therefore offer excellent wearing comfort.

Want to learn more? Read our complete guide on what are photochromic sunglasses.

Transition glasses: pros and cons

Besides their year-round 100% UV protection, photochromic sunglasses offer several other advantages. One of them is their cost-efficiency. Yes, that's right, in future you will only need one pair of glasses to cover all your needs. Thanks to their clear lenses, which only darken when exposed to sunlight, photochromic lenses not only protect against UV light, but also against other harmful light waves, such as blue light emitted by digital screens.

Would you like an example? The Ray-Ban Evolve glasses offer perfect protection against harmful UV rays, computer light and dirt or dust.

In addition, transitional lenses are the perfect companion for those who tend to be a little lazy or careless. Because with self-tinting glasses you can see and work perfectly both indoors and outdoors and you limit the risk of losing your glasses.

There is, however, one disadvantage of photochromic lenses: they fade more slowly than they darken. Depending on the brand and design, it takes between 20 and 30 seconds for them to become clear.

Where can I buy photochromic, transition sunglasses?

Glasses that turn into sunglasses are absolute eye-catchers this season. This is because photochromic eyewear is available in many different designs, colours and shapes. Whatever style or trend you follow, photochromic lenses from popular brands like Ray-Ban will complement your look. Browse the high-quality selection of transition sunglasses now available at Lentiamo. You only pay for the product - we cover your shipping costs!

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