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1 135 402 contact lenses in stock

We have more than 1 million pairs of lenses for immediate shipment.

Free delivery for orders over £45

For orders of lower value you can use Royal Mail delivery services from £ 1.99.

Low prices

We are among the major resellers of contact lenses in Europe, because we have great prices for everyone.

Loyalty program

From your first purchase you get bonus points which can be exchanged for free gifts.

365 day guarantee

Guaranteed replacement lenses if you change the prescription.

Original products

We sell only certified products from reputable manufacturers such as Bausch and Lomb, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson and CooperVision.

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses are for people who want a healthy and easy way of wearing contact lenses – you put them in in the morning and discard them in the evening. No need for cases or solutions.

Daily contacts are suitable for all those who are looking for a “self-maintenance” type of contact lenses – they are disposable and you only wear them for one day. Taking care of these contacts doesn’t require any special skills.

Daily contact lenses and their advantages

Contact lenses for everyday use are the healthiest way of correcting eye defects. You apply them directly from the sterile blister pack and throw them away at the end of the day – there’s no opportunity for debris that could cause burning and other problems to accumulate on the lens surface. Daily contact lenses are also suitable for people with allergies and sensitive eyes.

Daily contact lenses, sports and travel.

Disposable contacts for everyday use are ideal for sporting activities where classic glasses would often be uncomfortable, or if you repeatedly wear contacts in demanding circumstances (such as sweat, dust, sports) as this can lead to worsening their qualities. Daily contact lenses are also handy on holiday because there’s no need to take solution and a case with you.

Proved by our customers

From 3213 reviews - 98% are positive

Would be nice if products would have bit more clear markings are they available also to someone who needs some + or - to lenses (aka don't have perfect eye sight).

Otherwise shopping was easy and selection was very nice. Shipping was also quick.
Very happy with service fast and easy
Excellent service, fast delivery, bonus points are good practice.

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