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Bonus Scheme

Everyone needs accessories to make wearing contact lenses easier and more comfortable. To thank you for your loyalty, we offer bonus points to consumers with every purchase, that can be redeemed on these helpful products.

You can redeem your points during your first order, you don’t need to wait for the next one. And if you don’t use all of your bonus points in one go, that’s fine! The bonus points are stored on your account and you can redeem them next time. The bonus points are valid for one year. The bonus scheme is for consumers only.

How to earn bonus points

  1. For every pound you spend with us, you receive 2,5 bonus points. Each product is labeled with how many bonus points you’ll receive after buying it. This does not apply to sunglasses and prescription glasses.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 50 bonus points.
  3. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@lentiamo) and use the hashtag #Lentiamo showing us the products you bought and earn 50 bonus points!
    • By tagging us in a post you give us the right to repost/share your post with giving you credit
  4. Make your log-in easier and link it with your Facebook page and receive 75 bonus points!
Already tagged us in a post? Let us know by writing us a message! :)