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Square sunglasses

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Square sunglasses

Square-shaped sunglasses for an active lifestyle

When choosing the most suitable sunglasses, oval or oversized, you must also consider your lifestyle. Some shapes may be good for certain activities but may not be appropriate in other situations.

Square shaped sunglasses can often be worn by people with an active lifestyle. Such an accessory must provide both 100% UV protection and an increased resistance against extreme conditions.

If you are passionate about skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding and other extreme activities, you can opt for square-shaped sunglasses that are designed for an active lifestyle. These products have been specially made to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day, without limiting your activities in any way.

Do square shaped sunglasses have specific qualities?

The best choice of sunglasses with a square shape for the summer season are the larger sized ones, with frames that are strong enough and lenses that provide maximum UV protection. The ones equipped with polarized lenses are particularly indicated, due to their ability to eliminate light reflection, thus ensuring image clarity.

In addition, square framed sunglasses mounting special lenses manage to block about 99-100% of the ultraviolet radiation, providing the necessary degree of protection for your eyes. Radiation is extremely dangerous and in extreme cases it may even lead to loss of vision.

Moreover, it is advisable to choose lenses that don’t affect the contrast or the colours too much.

Sunglasses with green or grey lenses are the ones that seem to be more suitable and guarantee the best protection.

Sunglasses with square shape and different coloured lenses

The hues of the lenses of square framed sunglasses are extremely important as they influence the clarity of the image and contrast.

  • Green lenses are best, to keep the contrast unchanged, followed by gray ones, as a second choice.
  • Brown lenses are ideal for driving
  • Pink ones are recommended for the relaxing effect they provide.
  • Blue-tinted lenses are considered ideal for people with near vision deficiencies.
  • The yellow ones are recommended for people who practice winter sports.
  • A clear choice for an optimal vision

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