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Coloured contact lenses

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Coloured contact lenses

Looking for coloured contact lenses? Now you can completely change or enhance your natural eye colour with any colour you can think of. Tones vary from natural to crazy contacts for Halloween or Cosplay. Try it, it's easy. Read more

How do coloured contact lenses work?

A coloured contact lens is divided into three zones: the outer edge of the lens, the middle area, which is printed, and the lens center, which is transparent, so you are therefore not limited in seeing with coloured contact lenses. Therefore, the function of coloured lenses is in theory identical with non coloured lenses.

What must be taken into account for coloured contact lenses?

The lens area of coloured contact lenses is the same size as regular lenses. However, it becomes problematic when the pupils dilate in the dark. Then the field of view is minimally restricted by the pressure range and it could come to optical illusions. For this reason, driving in public traffic by car or riding a bicycle when wearing coloured contact lenses is not recommended.

Where can I buy coloured contact lenses?

This is simply answered: Almost everywhere where you can buy normal contact lenses, coloured lenses are also offered. Very unusual lenses or lenses with special colours are usually available only through the Internet.

How much do coloured contact lenses cost?

Coloured contact lenses without dioptres, depending on the colour and print motif usually cost between £11 and £25.

Coloured contact lenses with dioptres are slightly more expensive. But coloured monthly lenses are particularly popular and cheaper in the long run. These are already available for about 30£ as a 3-month pack.

How to choose the right coloured contacts?

If you would like to wear coloured contact lenses in your everyday life, you should try different colours from the optician, and bring a good friend or partner as a consultant. The effect on others is usually very different than your own perception. On the other hand, if you want to buy coloured lenses for a party, it may well be fancy and unusually conspicuous!

How long can I wear coloured contacts?

- Monthly coloured contacts: Daily wear, change every month or as written on the package - Daily coloured contacts: Daily wear, change every day or as written on the package

If you buy monthly coloured contacts, then theoretically you can wear them all day long for up to one month. They are specifically designed for that kind of usage. On the other hand, daily coloured contacts should only be worn daily and once removed, you have to throw them away. You cannot and should not store daily contacts in a case as you would do with another type of contacts.

Are coloured contact lenses dangerous for me?

Wearing contact lenses, (even coloured lenses), will always carry a risk. Lack of hygiene, (for example, by not washing your hands before inserting or removing the lenses), can result in germs or bacteria that get in the eye and cause inflammation or even damage to the cornea (for example in the case of dirt on the fingers).

Also, wearing cheap and oxygen-impermeable lenses for too long is a particular burden on the eyes, which can cause redness or burning sensation.

How to put in coloured contact lenses?

The application of coloured contact lenses is identical to normal lenses. The upper and lower lid is pushed up/down, the wet contact lens is placed with the bulge down on the dry finger and then put into the eye. The contact lenses rotate when opening and closing the eyes by themselves in the correct position. Coloured lenses with motifs may require readjustment. However, this should be done carefully, so as not to cause damage to the eyes.

If you buy special coloured monthly lenses, then theoretically you can wear them all day long. They are designed for that. Daily contact lenses - especially with unusual designs and low quality should not be kept on for longer than is necessary. The pressure range can prevent oxygen permeability, which can lead to irritated and dry eyes.

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