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Adore (2 lenses)

Coloured contact lenses by Eyemed Technologies - Adore

based on 17 reviews

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Adore reviews: 86 %based on 17 reviews

Brilliant colours and they are the best coloured prescribed contact lenses I've ever bought. Love the colours and very comfortable.

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Details of Adore (2 lenses)

Adore (2 lenses) – dioptric are colored lenses of the unique brand Adore. The new special multi-layer production technology allows you to change the eye color naturally and improves the wearing comfort. The natural colors of Adore Bi-tone lenses cover the color of light eyes and accentuate the color of dark eyes. The combination of these two tones will highlight the natural eye color. Adore lenses are suitable for daily use thanks to their high water content. Lenses with shades Dare are available in seven colors. The unique colouring defines the outline of the iris, accentuating the natural contrast with the brilliance of the cornea. Each of the Tri-tone colour options covers the iris with three different shades, creating stunning and harmonious colour combinations.

Product Details

ExpirationAt least 23 months
Lenses in a box:  2
Inside-out indicator No
Material Polymacon (HEMA + MMA)
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  38 %
Oxygen transmissibility 15.05 x 10-11 Dk/t
Silicone Hydrogel:  No
UV filter:  No
Easy handling tint:  No
Diameter:  14.00
Power:  from -16.0 to +10.0
Base curve 8.6
Weight: 23 g
Brand:Eyemed Technologies
Category:Coloured Contact Lenses
Quarterly Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Spherical Contact Lenses

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Comments about Adore (2 lenses) Add a question

  • Naglaa A.

    Does it come with case?? And how will be the bi hazel on dark brown eyes??

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hello Naglaa,

      Well, it's impossible to say, but Adore lenses seem to be the most covering out of the coloured lenses we sell.

      However, it depends on the colour, but “Bi” is two layers, while “Tri” is three…

      By the way, they don't come with a case.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Anonymous

    Am I able to order just one box of 2 lenses Adore to see if I like them ? Also I am a + prescription & understood that I could wear these coloured lenses as they are in my power, but then one of your above answers states that these lenses are only suitable for short sightedness? Please explain this as I'm confused!

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi


      Certain colours are limited, as far as the prescription goes. Try to insert your choice of colour and if the drop-down menu gives you the choice of your “+” prescription, then it's fine.

      You can order 1 box and make sure you set “0” for the other eye.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Lisa

    Hello Will the dare hazel contact range make any difference to my dark brown eyes and can you wear them with dark brown eyes?

  • Emma

    Are these monthly disposables? And if so do they come with solution so I can store them

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hello Emma,

      These are quarterly lenses, therefore they last up to three months.

      The solution is separate, unless there's a promotion that includes it for a certain period.

      Many customers tend to use their bonus points for solutions or eye drops.

      If you have more queries please contact me at

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Elizabeth B.

    Do your coloured lenses come in plus prescriptions?

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hi Elisabeth,

      Coloured lenses tend to have a limited choice of prescription, but in the case of Adore they go up to +10

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Inga

    Are any of you contacts able to use for persons who have astigmatisms?

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hi Inga,

      Unfortunately coloured lenses are all spheric, for short-sightedness. Please visit our page for toric lenses…gmatism.html

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Mehmet

    Hello, I would like to ask how many lenses are there in the each boxe? We have to get two boxes for the right eye and left eye. I am really confused about this question

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hello Mehmet,

      There are 2 lenses in each box.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Andrea A.

    My eyes are brown,I like the blue ,would they work or are my eyes to dark for blue Kind regards Andrea

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hello Andrea, Unfortunately we cannot give advice on colours, as it is quite difficult, if not impossible to do. In your specific case it would depend on how dark your eyes are, but again, I wouldn't know… Regards, Fabrizio

  • Seniz

    Do you have these in monthly’s? These are only useable for 1 day which isn’t that ideal

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hi Seniz, as you can see from the description of the product, these lenses are quarterly. That means you have to take them off at night, but last for three months.

      Regards, Fabrizio

  • Sabda

    Why do you have to pay for delivery if it states I put an order today and your dispatching it on 20th August ?

    • Martina Michelsen

      Hello Sabda, I really do not understand your question or your reasoning?? It is not always that we have all the parameters available at the moment a customer places an order. You can see the availability next to the parameters, and we also do send out automated e-mails, so that the customer is always informed about the in stock date. Surely, we cannot send the goods for free. I do not know why you would think that?? Regards, Martina Lentiamo Customer Service

      • Sabda

        I want the order to be quicker so don’t expect it to be free and willing to pay for next day delivery or second class mail but it states will get dispatched on now the 21st August regardless me ordering today . Which is why I am asking why And you have replied it’s not available till then. So no point paying second class delivery because it’s not arrive in 3days but 12 !

        • Martina Michelsen

          Hello Sabda, The delivery time is counted from the day after the lenses are dispatched, so they should still arrive within two-three working days, and not twelve days. Regards, Martina Lentiamo Customer Service

  • Sandra U.

    Hey, I want to order my prescription but I’m wondering if these contacts correct astigmatism?

    • Martina Michelsen

      Hi Sandra, No, these lenses are regular coloured lenses. If you want lenses for astigmatism, you will logically have to search for lenses which are either callled something with “astigmatism” or “toric”. Regards, Martina Lentiamo Customer Service

  • Nasim A.

    I’ve always bought adore contacts but this time round one of the contacts had a tiny split in it. I did wear them just for a very short while as it ripped through the whole contact.. i found this pair that I bought must have been faulty as the other one got a tear in it too after a while.. So disappointed..

    • Cristiana Chirita

      Dear Nasim,

      We are really sorry to hear that you had problems with those lenses. Please contact us via email and send us a picture with the lenses and I will send you a free label to send them back to us. After that, I can send another box to you.

      We always require a return of the faulty lenses because we are obliged to send them back to the manufacturer for further investigation. The main goal of the procedure is to minimize the production of any faulty products in the future.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Kind regards,

    • ruqy

      which colour would be the best one to wear with dark brown eyes. i ordered a tri blue but cant really see that colour in my eyes

      • Ester Sánchez

        Dear Rugy,

        Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which ones are better because the final colour of the lenses will depend on the natural eye colour. However, under de picture of the product, you have pictures of real customers and you can have an idea of how they look like in dark eyes.

        Have a nice day!

  • NurN

    I want to buy these but it asks me to choose one box for left eye and one box for right eye which ends up being double the price?

    • Cristiana Chirita


      This is useful for the ones that have different powers for each eye. If you don't have different powers or if you don't have powers at all, choose only for the right eye and choose the colour you need.

      Best wishes,

  • Mussarat I.

    I just recently brought so many pairs but one of lenses came out ripped was very disappointed but I need them so ordering again

  • Habib M.

    How long do the contacts last for ?

    • Jessica James

      Hello, These contacts last for three months! Thank you!

  • nina

    Are those daily contact lenses, do you use them once? Or can you use them for a month ?

    • Jessica James

      Hi, These are quarterly lenses. They will last you for up to three months. Thank you!

  • Maryann

    Please I want to order just colored lenses Adore , I don' t have any problems with my eyes? How can I order the lenses ? Xxx

    • Jessica James

      Hi, To order these lenses, you need to select the power as 0.00. When you do this it is making them only cosmetic lenses. Thanks!

  • Rosemary P.

    How many times may these lenses be used?

  • Sarah E.

    Hi. I usually wear a base of 8.80 and have a -11 And - 10.50. My normal contacts are soft I also have a slight astigmatism would these contacts be ok for occasional use?

  • Keira


    • Jessica James

      Hi, Yes, you can get next day delivery. UPS is 6.29 GBP, all UPS orders are dispatched at 1PM working days, so make sure you make your order before! When you are checking out make sure your lenses are in stock! Thanks!

  • Samiyah

    Can I get next day delivery

  • Martina Michelsen

    Hello, Thank you for your question. No, one box with two lenses will generally last for a duration of 30 days. If you want a three month supply, you will need to three boxes. I hope this answers your question. If you have any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us again. Regards, Martina Lentiamo Customer care

  • Dani

    I'm a bit confused about the wear, will one box (2 lenses) last me 3 months with daily use?

  • Taniya G.

    Hi, I would like to know how long I can wear these non-dioptric lenses. Is it 3 months or 6 months. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Taniya

    • Petru Culin

      Hi. It is 3 months. If you click on the Parameters button above, you should have access to more details. I hope my reply helped :)


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