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Our clear choice

Lentiamo is group of dedicated professionals who are enthusiastic about providing a clear choice for contact lenses and great customer service.

Otto Wichterle invented contact lenses in the former Czechoslovakia. Our establishments in the Czech Republic and in the UK connect us to the history of contact lenses and to the future of their distribution.

Europe is our home

We served our first customers in 2008. Today we are among the biggest sellers of contact lenses in Europe. You can find us in 15 countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria

We always give something extra

That’s only four of the many reasons why shopping with us is easy as a Sunday morning.

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You rule our world

We are the biggest seller of contact lenses in central Europe and one of the biggest in all of Europe. But we never forget the secret of our success: it’s you, our customers, who rule our world. Everything we do, we do for you. Thanks to you, we have processed over 1 million orders in the past seven years. We are here for you. We will make every wish come true. Or at least, we try. We have borrowed our motto from Mr Bata: “Our customer – our master”. Become one of our satisfied customers and share our joy, becoming a Lentiamer!

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