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ColourVUE Crazy Lens (2 lenses)

Crazy contact lenses by MaxVUE - ColourVUE

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Really effective lenses and comfortable
Brilliant for the time I used them
would recommend to anyone
The product was okay.
As a contact wearer trying to get prescription lenses for a halloween outfit quick these were great and arrived on time.
The quality was very poor, they felt like very thin plastic. And as a contact user every day, I know how they should feel. Very bad quality and very disappointed the have paid £***
Great quality, completed Halloween outfit. Perfect vision and comfortable unlike the ones you can buy in shops! Great value :)
Excellent for halloween, will be using again!
Perfect for Halloween. I was really impressed with a quality.
These lenses are fantastic, really comfortable and having your own prescription is great. Would recommend to anyone who wants to make a statement!
I bought the Devil Red prescription contact lenses as part of my costume for a Halloween party. Very comfortable!
Great product! Loads of different designs with lots of fun when wearing them.
Fab Halloween lenses
Work really well. Could wear for a good 10 hours without pain. Looked amazing and could see clearly.
I bought the lenses for a photoshoot and they looked really good. The fact they last for a year is also great as it means I can use them several more times.
Absolutely perfect. Comfortable to wear for an extended period of time and felt like I wasn't even wearing them. The colour really made my eyes stand out
The only prescription Halloween lenses I could find.
I love these lenses. Very red and perfect for Halloween. I was worried that they would be uncomfortable but they did not dry out and were very comfy. The colour lense did not affect my sight at all. I can't wait to try another colour. Highly recommended 5 *
Scared a lot of people with these! They were so comfy, and arrived really quick!
Fast delivery!
Wore for 6 hours with no problem.Although there was an obstruction to side vision in both eyes for me on insertion, but I soon got used to it, and it wasn't much of a bother.
Fab used mine for a Halloween custume!
Used the zombie lenses for Halloween with 6.00 strength!I would recommend them to anyone that wants good quality lenses that are affordable!
Love them!
Appear a lot redder than in the photos which is a good thing. Great lenses, very comfortable and available in my prescription.
Excellent servic. The coloured contacts were perfect and the most comfortable I have worn.
Perfect product which allowed me to wear coloured contacts with a prescription, they stood out and were commented on all night, thanks.
Product was perfect for Halloween, everyone complimented me on them
Contacts were exactly what I needed for Halloween, will definitely be recommending it to my friends for the future.
Very confortable and lenses look exactly like the picture.
As a user of monthly contacts I found these to be of exceptional quality, no issues whatsoever .
I ordered crazy lenses for Halloween. I am very pleased with the product and its a bonus that the lenses come with prescription.
You simply pop the lenses straight in, fantastic for Halloween costume. I'd recommend the product to anyone who wants to make a impression with their outfit. Good quality, does exactly what it should.
Brilliant accessory for the Halloween party I am going to
Great product for Halloween parties
Great lenses for Halloween. Swift arrival too.
I use this product for daily use ( the lenses I ordered are on strength. They gave me after two days of use a eye infection. I have to order new lenses by another company now. Thanks for wasting my money.
I wear mine to work on occasion I love them and recommend them to everyone if you want to freak people out.
Used the volturi contacts for cosplay, brilliant value, looekd great and comfortable to wear
Really good product, particularly as I found it difficult to find prescription coloured lens.
Great product. Very happy.
Product used for stage purposes. Was finding it difficult to get dioptric coloured lenses until I found this site, so thank you!
Have not used these yet
excellent product and one of the few ones that have a higher prescription. Wuld be great if you could offer more colours for those of us who have bad eyesight.
I use the lenses on and off when i feel like a change.nI would recommend it to anyone who would be interested.
I think these lens are perfect they make your eyes stand out . Really easy to put in and very comfortable to wear
Lenses ordered for my daughter,to compliment an outfit she wore to Comicon.
Great contacts to wear and are really comfortable
Found the product great easy to use thanks
I've recommeded to friends who were lenses already.nThe lens quality was great and i hardly knew i had them in!

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Product Description

The best coloured contact lenses for Halloween are the ColourVUE Crazy Lens.

ColourVUE Crazy Lens have unique designs and colours that completely cover the natural eye colour.

With unique technology that guarantees oxygen breathability and safety as the colourant is locked in the bottom layers of the lens, you can wear them for a really long time.

These are the best selling contact lenses for Halloween, including the most popular:

  • BlackOut
  • Cateye
  • Devil Red
  • White Zombie

ColourVUE Crazy Lens can be used daily but you have to replace them quarterly.

Product Details

Bifocal No
Lenses in a box:  2
Inside-out indicator No
Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Extended wear:  No
Water content 45 %
Oxygen transmissibility 22 Dk/t
Silicon-hydrogel No
Toric No
UV filter No
Easy handling tint No
Diameter 14
Power from -6.0 to - 1.0
Base curve 8.6
Weight: 48 g
Category: Coloured Contact Lenses
Quarterly Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Spherical Contact Lenses

Customer Questions (9x)

Comments about ColourVUE Crazy Lens (2 lenses) Add a question

  • nany
    4 months ago

    hi ....can I use the same lenses more than once without disposal if i clean them and puting them in solution

  • Sade C Thomas
    2 years ago

    Not pleased with quality. Made my eye irritated in the first half hour.

    • Petru Culin
      2 years ago

      Hi Sade. I am sorry to hear that you had issues with it. We get them straight from the producer, so the quality is as it was intended. The issue is that not all the contact lenses are suitable for everyone. They are made of different materials and they have different parameters. Has your optician recommended you these lenses? Please consult your doctor in regards to the irritation. I hope my message helped. Petru

  • Sara Potter
    2 years ago

    Not impressed at all. Ordered Green lenses and they have pretty much no colour at all. Picture on this website is INCREDIBLY misleading.

    • Eva Vavru Jenkins
      2 years ago

      Hello Sara,

      Sorry to hear you were not happy with the colour. The images of colours are provided by a manufacturer and the final result depends on your natural eye colour. We always recommend to consult an optician for wearing contact lenses, and check Google images for results from experienced users.

  • Natasha
    2 years ago

    Does anyone know if the gray 1-day FreshLook lenses are similar to the sterling gray Freshlook colourblends or are they completely different (I have brown eyes & Asian complexion if this makes a difference)? I like the look of the sterling gray colour but the size of the standard colourblends are no good for my small eyes sadly, so wondered if the grey 1-days were a good substitute!

    • Eva Vavru Jenkins
      2 years ago

      Hi Natasha,

      Thank you for your query and your feedback on these lenses.

      FreshLook OneDay Grey look slightly different than FreshLook ColourBlends in Sterling Grey. I would say that OneDay doesn't cover as well. I have sent you an email with a photo so you can see what it looks like in comparison.

      • Natasha
        2 years ago

        Thanks for getting back to me!

  • Natasha
    2 years ago

    Yes! Finally some coloured lenses that fit my small irises! I've tried so many different coloured lenses, including the standard Freshlook colourblends but they looked artificial on me as my irises showed through the pupil hole and they looked too big. These are a much better fit. I went for Pure hazel which were a nice change from my usual dark brown eyes. They give a subtle change (lighter brown with a hint of green) without looking too fake with my Asian complexion - love them! Comfort-wise, they don't feel much different to other coloured lenses I've used- they tend to get uncomfortable towards the end of the day (though I have problems with dry eye anyway). I love that these are 1-day lenses as opposed to the 1 month ones. I don't wear them that often so these work out better value for me and they're much more convenient.

  • Jodie Flint
    3 years ago

    Can't comment not tried them yet

  • Anisleidy contreras
    3 years ago

    I think it's fantastic I want to order more in green color and hazel

  • Scout Novemberlight
    4 years ago

    Forgot to say in my previous review that the pictured displayed of the green contacts really doesn't match what they actually look like. They are much more like the sort of mottled/blended colours you see on the pictures for the blue and gray options, except - of course - they are green. On my very dark brown eyes they look sort of hazel green, if that makes sense. I have also tried the gray Freshlook One Day contacts, and on my very dark brown eyes they look more like blue-gray than gray, which I quite like. Of course the way they look will vary depending on your natural eye colour, but that's what they look like on me.

  • Scout Novemberlight
    4 years ago

    I've tried the Freshlook One Day in green. They look quite natural on my very dark brown eyes, and matched my Asian complexion well. Naturally, what the contacts look like will vary from person to person. In terms of comfort: these contacts are very wearable. I soak mine in OptiFree Pure Moist solution prior to wearing them (even though they are one day contacts) and that seems to condition them well, making it possible to wear them for a whole day. In comparison with the Freshlook Colorblends (green), they are fairly similar, colourwise. They blend in pretty much the same way. One thing I would say about the Freshlook One Day contacts is that both the print area and hole for the pupil is slightly smaller. For me, who hasn't been blessed with huge irises, the One Day contacts fit me better, but if you have very large irises it is possible that the print area won't entirely cover your irises. Also, I find that the larger pupil hole of the Colorblends means that in bright light the dark brown of my irises show through and contrast a little more than I would like. This is another reason why I feel the One Day contacts work better for me. I would recommend both types of contacts, but if your irises are smaller, I'd go for the One Day option. I also find that both of these options look more natural on the eye than the SofLens Natural Colors (emerald) which - at least on me - look a bit like cataracts, and are nowhere near as comfortable to wear.


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