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How to remove a stuck lens from your eye

So you have a problem because you've worn your contact lenses longer than you should have. We get it. Don't worry, it's something that many of us have gone through and the solution is simpler than it might seem. You're in the right place to find out how to remove a stuck contact lens that won't come out. Keep reading this post that we at Lentiamo have prepared for you!

We're the leading online optician in the sector so it's not the first time that one of our customers has needed our help to solve an uncomfortable situation like this. By following our advice and always having the right products on hand, you'll ensure that this remains just an anecdote and doesn't happen again. What do you do if the contact lens doesn't come out when it's stuck to the eye?

Stay calm. The contact lens isn't going to stay embedded on your eye forever. Take a deep breath and follow the steps below to learn how to remove a stuck lens that doesn't come out.

  • Firstly, wash your hands thoroughly and stand in front of a mirror with adequate lighting so that you can see your eye properly.
  • Try to locate the contact lens in your eye by blinking continuously and try to move it towards the centre with your index finger.
  • If the contact lens is stuck, it's probably dried out and that's why it was difficult to pull off the eye. To re-lubricate the eye and make the process easier and more pleasant, you can use artificial tears or eye drops.
  • When your eye and lenses are sufficiently moisturised, it's time to use the most basic contact lens removal trick we all learn in our first days of wearing contacts: gently pinch it with your fingertips so it doesn't break.

Putting in eye drops

And that's it! As you can see, how to remove a stuck contact lens that won't come out isn't as complicated as you might have first thought. The key is to understand that it is a fairly common situation, that many people have gone through it and that the solution is mainly to not get anxious.

Take the necessary precautions to avoid stuck lenses

As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure." When you start wearing contact lenses, it's normal to be very careful about your contact lens wearing habits, but sometimes there's the occasional slip-up. You might leave them in when you go to sleep and not realise it, wear them for longer than you intended, or spend more time away from home than planned.

After a while, you may also take certain steps in your contact lens care routine for granted. It's easy to see how any of these scenarios might happen.

What can you do to avoid worrying about how to remove a stuck contact lens? Always have the right accessories on hand. A small bottle of eye drops, solution and contact lens cases don't take up much space. It's also best to get into a wearing schedule so you know what works best for you and your priorities.

Take care of your eyes to prevent eye injuries

Don't forget that the eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of the body and deserve special attention, especially when using products that come into direct contact with them.

Using your contact lenses irresponsibly will not only mean that you'll have to look for solutions to problems such as removing a stuck contact lens, but it will also mean that you can easily suffer eye damage, such as damage to the cornea, irritation, as well as many other injuries. If injuries occur on a recurring basis, they will require the attention of a specialist.

If I can't remove a stuck contact lens, will an optician need to remove it?

You shouldn't need to visit your regular optometrist to remove a stuck contact lens. As we've explained, if you can keep calm and follow the steps indicated at the beginning of the article, you'll be able to remove the contact lens without major complications.

However, if it's been stuck for many hours and has dried significantly, the lens may break and a fragment may remain inside the eye. This would make removing the fragment difficult.

If this happens to you, it's then best that you leave it in the hands of your trusted specialist, as continuing to touch your eye will only make the situation worse. At Lentiamo, we understand it might be uncomfortable and irritating, but you should get it taken care of rather than expose yourself to one of the aforementioned injuries by trying to force it out. Woman trying to remove stuck contact lens

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We hope this post on how to remove a stuck contact lens that won't come out has been useful and that you'll be able to avoid it in the future. Do you need any accessories to prevent this from happening again? Lentiamo is your trusted online optician.

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