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The best glasses for an oval-shaped face

Written by Lentiamo on 18 Aug 2023

Oval faces are remarkably versatile, meaning they're well-suited for a wide range of glasses styles. Experimenting with trendy colours or classic styles is easy with this face shape!

In this article, we'll delve into the key factors that define oval face shapes, recommend some glasses styles, and explain how each frame design complements or contrasts oval features. From cat-eye to rectangular frames, the possibilities are endless for those seeking the perfect pair of glasses to enhance or contrast their oval.

How to tell if you have an oval-shaped face

outline of oval face shape on neutral background

Oval faces possess a harmonious balance, with slightly rounded cheekbones and a slightly narrower forehead and jawline. You know what an oval looks like, but what makes a face oval?

  • Oval faces are longer than they are wide, typically about twice as long.
  • Oval foreheads are slightly curved or have a gentle slope when viewing from the side.
  • Oval faces typically maintain a consistent width from the top to the bottom of the head.
  • Oval faces are often characterised by soft features without sharp angles at the cheeks or jawline.

Celebrities with oval faces

collage of jennifer lawrence, rihanna, and ryan reynolds

Pictured from left to right: Jennifer Lawrence1, Rihanna2, Ryan Reynolds3

What glasses are the best for an oval face shape?

Oval faces look great in a variety of different prescription styles. Elongated shapes, like those of cat-eye or aviator glasses, complement the natural length of ovals. Angular rectangles or square frames break up the smooth shape and add contrast.

Cat eye glasses

The upswept corners of cat eye glasses draw attention upward, harmonising with the length of oval faces while accentuating the cheekbones. These frames exude elegance and playfulness, making them an excellent choice for those with oval faces.

Armani Exchange 0AX1034 6044 52

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Aviator glasses

The elongated teardrop shape of aviator glasses complements oval faces exceptionally well. Also called pilot glasses, this effortlessly cool shape is unique and seen more often as sunglasses rather than dioptric glasses.

Ray-Ban New Aviator 0RX3625V 3094 55

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Rectangle glasses

For those seeking contrast, rectangles are wider than they are long, the exact opposite of ovals. Rectangular glasses add dimension and contrast to the elongated features of oval-shaped faces. Because they extend across the width of the face, they draw the eye outward for balance.


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Square glasses

Similar to their rectangular counterparts, square glasses create noticeable contrast with their sharp lines and perpendicular angles. These frames can accentuate, contrast, and add depth more effectively than rectangular glasses.

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What glasses to avoid for oval faces

While you can wear any glasses that you like with your oval face, sometimes people with oval faces tend to avoid certain styles. 

Oversized glasses can disrupt the balanced proportions of oval faces. They may add too much weight to the sides of the face if they extend beyond the widest part of the head. Taller glasses frames may also elongate the face, putting too much emphasis on length and not enough focus on a balanced look.

Infinite possibilities for oval-shaped faces

While many styles work wonderfully for oval-shaped faces, prioritise your confidence and comfort when seeking quality vision correction. Explore various styles, colours, and materials to discover the perfect pair that resonates with your personality and style.

For additional guidance, explore our comprehensive glasses guide, offering insights on lens materials, shades that complement your hair colour, and more valuable inspiration.

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

The journey to choosing prescription glasses for your oval face should be an enjoyable one! Whether you opt for frames that complement or contrast your natural features, ensure they offer the necessary vision correction and protection. Embrace the versatility of your oval face shape and wear your new glasses with confidence!

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