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Best eye drops for dry eyes in 2024

Bc. Katarína Mellová

Medically reviewed by Bc. Katarína Mellová, Optometrist, on 29 Feb 2024. Written by Lentiamo

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Dry eyes cause more problems than just discomfort; they can affect our overall eye health and daily productivity. Extended screen time, environmental factors, stress, and more can lead to that bothersome burning, itchy, sandpaper feeling.

From contact lenses to environmental triggers such as air conditioning or heating, eye drops are a quick and effective solution to alleviate dryness symptoms.

Check out the best eye drops for dry eyes in 2024, chosen and medically reviewed by the Lentiamo eye care experts and optometrists.

How we chose the best eye drops

Optometrist approved – The Lentiamo medical team chose some of their favourites and ones they recommend to their patients.
Bestsellers – Bestsellers represent popular choices that customers continue to choose.
Customer reviews – We consulted customer reviews and did research to see what users liked and disliked about these products.

Our top picks for the best eye drops at a glance:

Best overall: Systane COMPLETE Preservative-free
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Best for contact lens wearers: Hyabak 0.15% gtt.
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Best budget: Max OptiFresh
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Best soothing eye drops: OCUflash
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Best overall: Systane COMPLETE Preservative-free 10 ml

We’ve chosen Systane COMPLETE Preservative-free as the best eye drops overall in 2024. They offer all-in-one relief for dry, irritated, or tired eyes.

To tackle mild to moderate dry eye symptoms, Systane COMPLETE replenish the tear film and protect the ocular surface for long-lasting comfort.



  • Target all layers of the tear film comprehensive relief
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting comfort
  • Preservative free thanks to advanced PureFlow Technology bottle design


  • Cannot be used with contact lenses

This is how our customers rate this product:

Shop Systane COMPLETE

Did you know? Systane COMPLETE Preservative-free are also a customer favourite for best preservative-free eye drops!

Best for contact lens wearers: Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml

Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml are our experts’ favourite for contact lenses and dry eyes. Hyaluronic acid provides optimal hydration and lubrication and is a great ingredient for sensitive eyes.

The unique bottle design allows the drops to be preservative free plus extends the shelf life significantly (six times longer than the average).1



  • Suitable for use before, during, and after contact lens use
  • Longer than average 180-day sterility after first opening 
  • Preservative free


  • Some find the unique bottle design hard to use

This is how our customers rate this product:

Shop Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml

Best budget: Max OptiFresh

Max OptiFresh eye drops create an artificial protective film to replace tears, adding a cushion of lubrication to combat environmental influences and irritation. 

These hard-working drops provide immediate, soothing relief and long-lasting comfort. 



  • Retain moisture on eye lens and prevents dryness
  • Wash away protein, dirt, and debris
  • Available in convenient 10 ml or 30 ml bottles


  • 30-day expiry period after first opening

This is how our customers rate this product:

Shop Max OptiFresh

Best soothing eye drops: OCUflash

We’ve chosen OCUflash as the best eye drops to soothe irritation. They offer all-in-one soothing relief for irritated eyes.

The drops are often used to soothe the eyes and prevent non-infectious inflammation of the eyelids and conjunctiva. For relief and comfort, OCUflash are a top pick.



  • Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent (redness relief)
  • Flushes foreign bodies from eye
  • Supports treatment of non-infectious inflammation of the eyelids and conjunctiva


  • Cannot be used with contact lenses

This is how our customers rate this product:

Shop OCUflash

Always use eye drops as directed by the manufacturer or your eye care provider. Failure to adhere to the recommended guidelines may lead to increased irritation or other potential complications. If you experience discomfort or worsening symptoms, discontinue use and contact an eye care professional immediately.

Eye drops comparison table

Product Manufacturer Compatible with contacts Disposable period Preservatives Sold at Lentiamo
Systane COMPLETE Preservative-free Alcon No 3 months No Yes
Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml Thea Yes 3 months No Yes
Max OptiFresh 10 ml MaxVue Yes 30 days Polyhexanide Yes
OCUflash 2 x 10 ml Unimed Pharma No 28 days Benzalkoniumchlorid Yes

Frequently asked questions

Can I use eye drops with contact lenses?

Yes, certain types of eye drops can be used with contact lenses. The most important thing is to choose eye drops specifically labelled as compatible with contact lenses. Unsure? Ask your eye care professional. Some eye drops may contain preservatives or other ingredients that can be harmful to contact lenses or your eyes.

Are eye drops okay for daily use?

Yes, it’s generally safe to use preservative-free eye drops daily, depending on the type of drops and manufacturer recommendations. Consult with an eye care professional if you have any concerns. Some eye drops are designed to be used daily, while others may recommend less frequent application. Overusing certain types of eye drops may lead to dependency or adverse effects.

What other dry eye treatments are there?

In addition to eye drops, lifestyle changes like staying hydrated, a balanced diet, and using a humidifier can help manage dry eyes. Blinking exercises, breaks during screen usage, warm compresses, and prescription medications may also be recommended by your eye care professional for more severe cases. Consult with your eye care professional for personalised advice.

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

Overall, Lentiamo optometrist Katarína Mellová, Bc. reminds us that finding the best eye drops depends on your individual needs and preferences. We hope this guide helps you find the right relief to contribute to the overall health of your eyes! 

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Your eye care professional can recommend the best choice for you

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1. National Library of Medicine, Sterility of non-preservative eye drops

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