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The 10 best-selling eye drops for dry eyes

Anna Sucha

Medically reviewed by Anna Sucha, Optometrist, on 17 Apr 2020
Written by Maria Chiara Tarsia

Eye drops, contact lens solutions and lens cases are the basic tools for anyone who wears contact lenses. They substitute tears (that’s why they’re sometimes called “artificial tears”), reduce dry eye syndrome, burning, sand-paper sensation and ensure that contact lenses are always lubricated.

Which eye drops are the most popular? Are yours amongst them? We have prepared a list of the 10-best-selling eye drops of all time.

# Brand Producer Compatible with lenses Time to use after opening Preservatives
1. Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml Laboratoires Thea yes 3 months no
2. Optive 10 ml Allergan yes 6 months Purite TM
3. Max OptiFresh 10 ml MaxVue yes 30 days Polyhexanide
4. ReNu MultiPlus Drops 8 ml Bausch & Lomb yes 30 days Sorbic Acid, Edetate Disodium
5. Systane Balance 10ml Alcon no 6 months Polyquad
6. Refresh 15 ml Allergan yes 60 days Purite TM
7. Systane Gel Drops 10 ml Alcon no 3 months Polyquad
8. Systane Ultra 10 ml Alcon yes 6 months Polyquad
9. Comfort Drops 20 ml CooperVision yes 3 months Polyhexanid
10. OCUflash 2 × 10 ml Unimed Pharma no 28 days Benzalkoniumchlorid

We will introduce the top three in more detail:
  1. Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml

    These moisturising and lubricating eye drops for sensitive eyes provide immediate comfort that lasts all day.

    Why are they popular?

    • Hydrate and lubricate the eye’s surface
    • Clinically proven to relieve signs and symptoms of dry eyes
    • Unique bottle system means NO preservatives
    • Can be used before, during and after wearing all types of contact lenses
  2. Optive 10 ml

    New, unique eye drops that contribute to long-term lubrication. CMC artificial tears and glycerin moisturize the tear film and create a protective shield on the surface of the eye.

    Why are they popular?

    • Optive eye drops relieve the feeling of dryness, irritation and eye fatigue
    • They are suitable for all types of contact lenses.
  3. Max OptiFresh 10 ml

    Eye drops with fast and long-lasting soothing effect by MaxVUE. Over the past few years they have proved to be one of the most popular eye drops on the market.

    Why are they popular?

    • Complete substitution of tears in unfavourable conditions
    • They provide immediate relief and long-lasting comfort
    • They also provide fast and efficient help against dry eye syndrome
    • Bigger bottle of Max OptiFresh, 30 ml, is available for frequent users

Found what you were looking for?

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Can I use eye drops with contact lenses?

Yes, you can use eye drops while wearing contact lenses. Although not all eye drops are produced in the same way. If you have doubts as to which ones you should use, always ask your optician.

Can I use eye drops with preservatives with contact lenses?

Yes and no. Not all eye drops with preservatives are suitable for contact lenses, as some kind of preservatives may damage the lens structure. Therefore, always make sure to read the leaflet to understand if your drops can be used while you wear contacts. If they are not contacts-safe, the eye drops with preservatives should be applied at least 15 minutes before lens application.

Back to you, which are your favourite eye drops and why?

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