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The best sunglasses for an oval-shaped face

Written by Lentiamo on 29 Jun 2023

Oval faces are often considered to be very versatile shapes. Round or oblong sunglasses complement their curving lines and natural symmetry perfectly. On the other hand, sharper edges and bolder frames offer great contrast to the softer features.

But why do such different styles look great on oval faces? Finding the perfect sunglasses for every face shape isn't an exact science. It's best to follow guidelines that help you find sunglasses that complement or contrast your facial features! In this article, we'll show you how to identify oval face shapes, recommend sunglasses styles, and explain why each particular frame style works well with these features.

How to tell if you have an oval-shaped face

outline around oval shape face on blue background

Oval faces are characterised by their balanced proportions, with gently rounded cheekbones and a slightly narrower forehead and jawline. Here's how to determine if you have an oval face shape:

  • Measure face length: Oval faces are longer than they are wide, sometimes twice as long.
  • Notice the forehead: Oval faces often have a slightly curved or gently sloping forehead.
  • Check the width: Oval faces are generally the same width from the top to the bottom of the face.
  • Consider overall characteristics: Oval faces are often smooth in appearance and generally don't have sharp angles at the cheeks or jawline.

Celebrities with oval-shaped faces

collage of george clooney, beyoncé, and courtney cox

Pictured from left to right: George Clooney1, Beyoncé2, Courtney Cox3

What sunglasses are the best for an oval face shape?

Faces with this shape look great in styles with rounded or elongated edges, like those of circular and oval frames. These complement the symmetry that oval faces naturally possess. For added contrast, angular frames like wayfarers or square frames break up the smooth shape.

Cat eye sunglasses

The upswept corners of cat eye sunglasses draw the eye upward. This complements the length of oval faces nicely while highlighting the cheekbones.


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Round sunglasses

Both oval faces and round sunglasses have balanced proportions. The curved edges of round frames subtly contrast the gentle contours of an oblong face. This creates a harmonious and balanced look.

Emporio Armani EA 4185 507180 47

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Aviator sunglasses

Aviator or pilot sunglasses are a great style for many face shapes. For oval faces in particular, the elongated teardrop of classic aviators complements the length of the face nicely.


Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 001/58 55A

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Rectangle sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses add the right amount of contrast to the soft features of oval-shaped faces. They break up the centre of the face with angular lines that add interest and dimension. Rectangles are longer than they are wide, making them the ultimate contrasting accessory for oval faces. 

Vogue Hailey Bieber 0VO 5440S W65613 52

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Endless options for ovals

While many sunglasses look great on oval-shaped faces, the best shades are the ones you love. Experiment with styles, colours, and materials to find your perfect pair.

Various factors, such as personal preferences, hair colour, and skin tone, contribute to the overall appearance of sunglasses on an individual! If you've determined that you have an oval face but require a bit more assistance, check out the sunglasses guide for additional insights on lens materials, shades that complement your hair colour, and other valuable inspiration.

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

Choosing sunglasses that work well for you is easier than it might seem. After identifying your face shape, find frames that complement or contrast your natural features. Overall, make sure your shades are protective and make you feel confident!

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