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The best glasses for square faces

Written by Lentiamo on 1 Nov 2023

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Discovering the best pair of glasses isn't just about vision correction, it's also a great opportunity to accentuate your unique facial features. Unfortunately, there isn't one perfect pair that suits every specific face shape. Fortunately, that means there are countless stylish options to choose from! We've narrowed down the list so you don't have to.

Does your face have minimal curves, strong angles, and general symmetry? You might have a square face. Learn how to identify this face shape and get advice on the best glasses for square faces below.

Do I have a square face shape?

dotted outline of square chin around smiling person

Square faces typically have a symmetrical appearance with a consistent width from the forehead down to the jaw. Grab a mirror and check out the key features of this shape below:

  • Prominent and well-defined jawline, forming a square or box-like shape
  • Flat or squared off chin without a downward pointing appearance
  • Straight across or slightly squared hairline without a widow's peak
  • Forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are of equal width
  • Sharper angles at the sides of the forehead and jawline
  • Flat cheekbones that stay in line with the forehead and jaw

Celebrities with square faces

collage of margot robbie, paris hilton, and daniel dae kim

Pictured from left to right: Margot Robbie1, Paris Hilton2, Daniel Dae Kim3

Best glasses for a square face

Remember that the right glasses are the ones you prefer. They'll make you look and feel your best! For guidance, the following styles are meant to explain how different shapes highlight or contrast your features.

Some of the Lentiamo opticians' favourites include round or oval frames. These add visual balance by softening angular lines. Rectangular or oversized frames offer a bold look by making sharper features stand out.  

Here are the picks for best glasses for square faces.

Oval or round glasses

Oval or round glasses have soft lines that have a visually appealing symmetry. The curves of these frames add balance and harmony to sharper features.

Emporio Armani 0EA3188U 5893 49

Shop round glasses

Rectangle glasses

If you want to amplify your angular features, rectangle glasses are the way to go. The straight lines of these styles follow the forehead and jawline for a bold, uniform look.

Ray-Ban 0RX6440 3052 55

Shop rectangle glasses

Oversized glasses

Oversized styles can work really well for square faces. Larger frames can elongate the face, making it appear slightly taller. This can be particularly flattering for individuals that want to downplay their shape.

Prada 0PR 18WV 08Q1O1 54

Cat eye glasses

For a chic and playful look, cat eye glasses are a classic choice. The upswept corners lift the face and add dimension to the straight lines of square faces.


Shop cat eye glasses

Super selections for squares

In addition to personal preferences, frame size and lenses are also important considerations. Check out our glasses guide to help you find the right size glasses, more eyewear tips, and beyond.

Don't hesitate to try on different options to see which one suits you best!

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

Whether you're an eyeglass enthusiast or simply searching for that perfect pair, it's helpful to know your face shape. Understanding the defining features of a square face will help you make an informed choice and help you narrow down your choices.

We hope this helps you get started so you can find your next prescription glasses.

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