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The best glasses for a diamond face shape

Written by Lentiamo on 30 Oct 2023

Diamond-shaped faces offer a unique canvas for experimenting with various glasses styles. Although there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, we've narrowed down some of the best glasses for diamond faces in this article.

First, we'll help you figure out if you have a diamond-shaped face. Then, we'll recommend prescription glasses styles that bring out your unique appearance or provide a perfect balance.

How to tell if you have an diamond-shaped face

Often considered a rare face shape, diamonds are similar to ovals but have more angular features. How can you tell if you have a diamond face?

collage of serena williams, tracee ellis ross, and robert pattinson

  • Narrow forehead
  • Prominent, high cheekbones 
  • Narrow and pointed chin
  • Slender jawline with a gentle taper
  • Symmetrical proportions and balanced appearance
  • Length longer than its width

Celebrities with diamond faces

dotted outline of a diamond around face to illustrate face shape

Pictured from left to right: Serena Williams1, Tracee Ellis Ross2, Robert Pattinson3

What glasses are the best for a diamond face shape?

Glasses with gently curved lines or upswept features work best for diamond-shaped faces. They balance out high cheekbones and add softness to the pointed chin

Styles that have straight or angular lines will highlight sharper diamond traits for a bold look. 

Cat eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses, a timeless favourite, are an excellent choice for diamond-shaped faces. The upswept corners of the frames draw attention upward and help elongate the face.

Styles with rounded bottoms add balance to sharp cheekbones and add harmony to the natural taper of the chin.


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Oval or round glasses

They say opposites attract and they were right! Circular frames like oval or round glasses soften angular diamond shapes. The curving lines add symmetry to the face for a harmonious look.

LacosteL2601ND 218 20 50

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Half-rimmed glasses

Browline or half-rim glasses are a distinctive style that emphasise the top half of the face. The design effectively accentuates high cheekbones, making them stand out. The rimless bottom highlights the cheekbones while creating a light and soft look.

Armani Exchange 0AX1060 6099 55

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Aviator glasses

The wide, curved top of pilot glasses counterbalances the sharp lines of angular cheekbones. The tapering bottom follows the lines of narrow diamond chins. Plus, aviators are a classic style that's always in style.


Ray-Ban New Aviator 0RX3625V 3094 55

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Bold frames for diamond faces

If you fancy a more dramatic look, try frames that make your sharp features stand out. Angular styles and larger silhouettes work well for diamond features.


Square glasses have distinct edges. They emphasise the face's angular lines, especially if you have particularly prominent cheekbones. 


If you want to downplay your features but make your frames pop, try oversized frames. Larger styles often mask high cheekbones and draw attention away from angular parts of the face and highlight your glasses.

Shine brighter than a diamond in stylish frames

Remember that facial shapes can be subjective. You may have characteristics of more than one shape, making you uniquely beautiful. Things like hairstyle, facial hair, and weight changes can all play a role in how glasses look on you.

Take a look at our glasses guide to help you choose glasses that make you happy!

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

The best frames for a diamond face are ones you love and feel comfortable in. With the right pair, you'll have prescription glasses to cherish for years to come. Let this guide help you get started to find yours!

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