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The best sunglasses for a round face

Written by Lentiamo on 27 Jun 2023

Many people with round faces opt for sunglasses that add angles, definition, and balance to their soft features. Which frames do this?

Spoiler alert! There isn't one exact sunglasses shape that is "best" for a particular face shape. There are a number of things to take into consideration. If you want to highlight certain features or contrast them, there are many options. We'll help you identify a round face shape, recommend sunglasses styles, and explain why each particular frame style works well in this article. Let's take a look!

How to tell if you have a round face

outline around round shape face on white background

Round faces tend to have equal proportions all around with softer angles and fuller cheeks. In general, the jawline is rounded without sharp lines as well. Here's how to tell if you have a round face:

  • Measure the proportions: Measure the width and length of your face. The key characteristic of a round face is that the width is approximately equal to the length.
  • Check the cheekbones and jawline: Round faces typically have softly curving cheekbones and fuller cheeks. The jawline tends to be less defined and more rounded rather than angular.
  • Evaluate the forehead and chin: Round faces often have a slightly wider forehead and the chin is generally rounded, rather than pointed or square.

Celebrities with round faces

collage of queen latifah, chrissy teigen, and ed sheeran.

Pictured from left to right: Queen Latifah1, Chrissy Teigen2, Ed Sheeran3

What sunglasses are the best for a round face shape?

Those with round faces may like frames that contrast their soft features. Angular styles and the bold lines of rectangle and square shades are great options. Tall and oversized frames add contrast to the width of this face shape. 

Check out our recommendations for our round-shaped friends here:

Rectangular or square sunglasses

Any frames with straight lines or angular sides work well. The lines of the frames contrast the soft features of a round face, adding interest and dimension. Wayfarers are rectangular sunglasses with straight lines that can break up fuller cheeks.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 901 50

Shop rectangular sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses

The upswept outer edges of cat eye sunglassescreate a lifting effect on the face, making it appear elongated and slimmer. The angled lines also perfectly counterbalance the soft curves of round faces.

Chiara Ferragni CF 7006/S 807 IR 53

Shop cat eye sunglasses 

Oversized sunglasses

Large, oversized sunglasses can be a great choice for round faces. Taller frames provide more coverage and help create the illusion of length. Look for styles that reach the widest part of your face to achieve a flattering effect.

Hugo Boss 1386/S 086 HA 51

Geometric sunglasses

Sunglasses with sharper edges and angles break up the sloping lines of round faces. The lines easily contrast different parts of the face like the cheeks and temples.

Ray-Ban Hexagonal RB3548N 002/58 51

All around great choices for round faces

Everyone's face is a little different, even round shapes! Embrace your features, trust your gut, and select frames that you think look good.

If you've already determined that you have a round face but still need some guidance, explore the sunglasses guide. It offers a wealth of inspiration, covering topics such as lens materials and shades that work with your skin tone, among other useful tips.

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

Remember, these are general sunglasses suggestions for round faces. Personal preferences play an important role when selecting the best shape for you. Try on different styles and choose shapes that you feel confident in.

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