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The best glasses for a heart-shaped face

Written by Lentiamo on 6 Oct 2023

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Have you ever wondered what glasses look best for your heart-shaped face? The opticians at Lentiamo have good news! While there are countless styles that work well with your features, we've compiled the best frames for heart faces so you don’t have to.

We'll first explain how to tell if you have a heart-shaped face. Then you can check out our top four glasses recommendations. So if you’re looking for frames that complement, downplay, or highlight your heart features, follow along.

How to tell if you have a heart-shaped face

dotted outline of a heart around a smiling face to illustrate face shape

A wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow or tapering jaw are typical features of heart faces. Here are some key features to pay attention to:

  • Forehead: Your forehead is wider than your jawline and is typically the widest part of your face. You may also have a widow’s peak, the V-shaped hairline typical of many heart faces.
  • Cheekbones: Your cheekbones are broader and higher on the face, often being quite prominent or as wide as your forehead.
  • Jawline and chin: Your jawline narrows towards the chin without any squared off corners. Your chin is angular and comes to a point.

Celebrities with heart-shaped faces

collage of naomi Campbell, cheryl Cole, timothée chalamet

Pictured from left to right: Naomi Campbell1, Cheryl Cole2, Timothée Chalamet3

What glasses are the best for a heart face shape?

Frames that either contrast or accentuate heart features are great choices.

Rectangular or round frames contrast slanting features of hearts to add symmetry and balance across the middle. For frames that make your features pop, choose ones that follow the natural angles of the heart shape. For example, half-rimmed or cat eyes highlight wider foreheads and cheekbones.

Read more about our recommendations for prescription specs for heart-shaped faces below.

Round glasses

The smooth edges of round glasses soften the angular cheekbones of a heart face. The equal proportions of the circular shape create softness, balance, and symmetry.

Ray-Ban New Round 0RX3637V 2509 53

Shop round glasses

Half-rimmed glasses

To highlight your face shape, hearts should opt for half-rimmed glasses. Sometimes called browline glasses, the top half of these semi-rimmed frames draws the eye upward to the widest part of your face. The rimless bottom is delicate and works well with pointed chins.

Armani Exchange 0AX1060 6000 55

Shop half-rimmed glasses

Pro tip: Two-tone glasses can act in the same way half-rims do. With two-tone frames, you can achieve a refined and sophisticated look while still enjoying the lightweight and unobtrusive look that half-rims offer. Look for styles with darker colours on the top half of the frame and lighter colours on the bottom.

Cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses have sweeping lines that add definition through the widest part of heart faces. They add visual interest and work with the natural contours of your cheeks. Larger cat eye frames naturally complement the angles of hearts.


Shop cat eye glasses

Rectangle glasses

Rectangle glasses juxtapose the natural angles that make up this shape. They add structure and contrast through the centre of your face. Rectangle frames are a very versatile option for heart faces.

Prada 0PR 17ZV 15J1O1 52

Shop rectangle glasses

Other styles to try for heart faces

Since most heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead, larger styles work well. Experiment with oversized frames to highlight your face shape and eyes. 

Another style to help you embrace your heart shape are aviator or pilot glasses. The wide top and narrow teardrop bottom complement the natural lines of the face.

Glasses that make your heart happy

Those with heart-shaped faces look fantastic in many popular styles and variations of them. The best frames for your faces are the ones that suit your personal style above all else. Check out our helpful glasses guide for more tips about finding your frame size and more. 

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

While these recommendations are general guidelines, they can serve as a starting point for your frame selection for heart faces.

No matter your face shape, the most important thing is to find styles that you feel comfortable in and will love for years to come. Try out different prescription glasses to enhance your vision and natural beauty.

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Not sure you have a heart face? Check out the best glasses for oval faces if your features are longer and narrower.

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