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Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml

based on 20 reviews

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Dispatching 22 Oct

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Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml reviews: 96 %based on 20 reviews

These eye drops certainly work and they don't sting like other products. I use them occasionally when required.
good service each time I place an order, but they say letter box friendly but the boxes are too big, a lot bigger than needed.
I was recommended to use these drops by my optician to cure sore eyes apparently caused by dryness. Have been using the drops for more than a week without much improvement as yet but I will keep using and hope for the best.
I use these eye drops along with my contact lens as I have very dry eyes, it helps to get the lens to stick to my eyes, also I can keep the lens in all day and into the evening. I would definitely recommend to anyone with dry eyes.
For dry eyes and blepharitis.
Morning and evening. plus during the day if necessary. Lasts 3 months unlike other eye drops, so good value.
The product helps to lessen my dry eyes symptoms.
The seem to work, prescribed by my optician for Blepharitis.
Natural product with no preservative. Perhaps not quite as good as gel for really dry eyes but can be used in combination.
The product was recommended by my eye surgeon, a leading specialist in his field. It has helped enormously with my dry eyes.
I have Sjogrens Syndrome and my eyes are always sore and dry. My optician recommended these drops and they're fantastic.
Hyabak really helps my dry eye problem
Very good product and convenient bottle, release drops into your eye very smoothly.
I've found these the best eye drops to use for my dry, gritty eyes.
Great value and really fast delivery.... Thank you
Very useful
Excellent product recommended by my optician.
These eye drops are the best and the savings were great!
use as drops for dry tired eyes. Works well
I use this product daily. I suffer from blephritis. I was prescribed these from my local dry eye clinic and told to use them daily and they can be used even when I'm wearing my contacts. These drops are half the price that my dry eye clinic sell them for! Ever so soothing and medicinal.

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Details of Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml

These moisturising and lubricating eye drops for sensitive eyes provide immediate comfort that lasts all day.

Hyabak Protector drops contain the active ingredient hyaluronic acid also known as hyaluronan and are free from preservatives.

Hyabak® features and benefits:

  • Hydrates and lubricates the eye’s surface
  • Clinically proven to relive signs and symptoms of dry eyes
  • Unique bottle system means NO preservatives
  • Can be used for up to 3 months from opening
  • Hypotonic formulation for effective relief
  • Can be used before, during and after wearing all types of contact lenses

Product Details

Period after opening:  3 months
For use with lenses:  Yes
Volume:  10 ml
Weight: 44 g
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Thea
Category: Eye Drops
Preservatives: No

Customer Questions (13×)

Comments about Hyabak 0.15% gtt. 10ml Add a question

  • Raine

    I have the same problem with Jamario. I unscrewed the cap but also no drops.

    • Tanya Roydeva


      May I ask you for further information regarding the issue you have with the eye drops? It doesn't seem very clear from the comment you left.


  • Ann

    how do you store hyabak drops once opened?

    • Martina Michelsen

      Hello Ann, I would suggest that you store them in a refrigerator when it is hot. In that way, they will also be cooler when you apply them. Regards, Martina Lentiamo Customer Care

  • Vanessa

    Hi im asking for second opinion about Hyabak 0.15% because i am going to use this for my daughter's eye. Age 1years old. She has an eye discomport/irritation and an Pediatric Ophthalmology recommend this medicine.

  • Ronnie B.

    My bottle says it expires in September, 2018. Why is it not good three monhs after opening?

    • Tanya Roydeva


      Do you have an order number so I can check out what bottle we have sent you? The manufacturer's re­commendation is that the product has to be used up to three months after opening.


  • Rto

    How do u open a bottle of hyabak? Having a hard time.

    • Tanya Roydeva


      A bottle of Hyabak has to be opened the same way as you usually open every other bottle of eyedrops. Only unscrewing the cap should work.


      • Jamario S.

        My bottle seems to be sealed. I unscrewed the cap, but no drops come down.

        • Martina Michelsen

          Hello Jamario, I am not entirely sure what the problem is?? Have you squuezed the bottle and followed the instructions? Regards, Martina Lentiamo Customer Care

  • Kimie

    I have done undergo kera ring procedure for my keratuconus and my doctor prescribe this hyabak. What Are the benefits of this in my condition?

    • Jessica James

      Hi, From what I understand about the procedure that you just underwent, these drops should sooth, relive, lubricate and hydrate your eyes. It is most likely to be used if your eyes feel a bit dry or if you just need some relief after the surgery. Thank you! Jessie

  • Reolina A.

    my question is this. is hyabak 15% and naabak is the same. i use naabak and my mother have two hyabak. i want to use the other one of hyabak of my mother.

    • Jessica James

      Hi, Naabak and Hyabak are not the same eye drops. Hyabak is not as strong and doesn't contain any preservatives as Naabak. Thank you!

  • Sotira P.

    it's the first time I am using these drops. a) How long do they last before they expire? b) Do they need to be kept in the fridge or a certain temperature?

    • Petru Culin


      You have the information leaflet in English on your account on our page and attached to the despatch email.

      Your answers: a)Do not keep an open bottle for more than 3 months.

      1. ​Store below 25°C.

      I hope my reply helped!

  • bev

    How long do you have to use them before your dry eyes improve, I've been using them every hour for two weeks now, thankyou.

    • Christian Garsdal


      Thank you for your question. It's difficult for me to say as it's different per person, but I would suggest speaking to an optician as they are much more knowledgable regarding questions like these and would also likely know your eyes quite well. If you have any other questions feel free to write to us at Sincerely, Christian

  • Louise W.

    oh no - I'll have to go elsewhere to purchase for the UK delivery - I love these eye drops - they are the only ones I've found that actually work for me.

    • Petru Culin

      :( Yes, it is a pity that the producer does not allow us to sell it to the UK anymore. They are, indeed, very efficient.

  • Christine T.

    Hi.15% eyedrops, but at the moment your website won't let me. Can you help? thanks Christine

    • Petru Culin


      I am afraid we are not allowed to provide Hyabak to our UK clients anymore. Otherwise, it would have been my pleasure to send it to you.

      Kind regards, Petru

  • Leslie H.

    Arrived safely on time. did the job

  • Carol B.

    Wonderful first time in 14yrs tind eye drops that genuinely work on dry eyes .so pleased

    • Petru Culin

      Hi. I am delighted to hear that :)


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