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Meller Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses, also known as computer glasses, have become indispensable in offices. Anyone who has ever sat in front of a computer all day and then possibly watched TV in the evening might have already experienced the effects on the eyes, the quality of sleep and general well-being. The new Meller Blue light filter glasses have therefore been designed to protect our eyes from blue light - and to look amazing at the same time!

How do the blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses have filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue light, and in some cases even UV light, from getting through. Wearing blue light filter glasses from Meller when looking at a screen, especially after dark, helps to reduce exposure to blue light waves that can have serious effects on your body.

What damage can blue light do to our body?

There is concern over the long-term effects of screen exposure. That's because of the proximity of the screens and the length of time spent staring at them. Research has shown that exposure to blue light could lead to digital eye strain, migraine, difficulty in sleeping and retina damage.

Meller Blue light computer glasses collection

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