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How to clean a contact lens case

Ing. Petra Průchová

Medically reviewed by Ing. Petra Průchová, Optometrist, on 19 May 2023. Written by Lentiamo

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If you wear contact lenses, you know the importance of maintaining a hygienic lens care routine. Did you know that properly cleaning your contact lens case can also impact the longevity and clarity of your lenses?

Whether you're learning how to clean a contact lens case for the first time or need a refresher, the eye care experts at Lentiamo have you covered. Learn about why and when you should clean your case, and read the six basic steps involved in case care below!

Why you should clean your contacts case

Cases can accumulate bacteria and other microorganisms over time, which can then transfer to your contacts and potentially cause irritation or infection. Cleaning contact lens cases is an important step in maintaining good hygiene and taking care of contact lenses. Regularly cleaning your contact case with a contact lens solution can help to prevent these issues and keep your eyes healthy.

How to clean a contacts case

empty contact lens case open on white table

While we know that cleaning contact lenses is a crucial part of lens care, properly cleaning contact lens cases is just as important. Cleaning your case is simple and requires minimal preparation. You should wash your contact lens case regularly and thoroughly using a multi-purpose solution.Saline or lubricating solutions won't properly clean and disinfect cases.

Ready to get started? Learn how to clean a contact lens case by following these easy steps:

  1. Wash your hands – Thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water before handling your contact lens case. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria.
  2. Dry your hands – Use a clean, lint-free towel to completely dry your hands after washing them.
  3. Empty the solution – Pour out the old solution from your contact lens case and discard it down the drain.
  4. Rinse the case – Rinse your contact lens case with fresh solution to remove any remaining debris or solution.
  5. Air dry the case – Shake out any excess solution and let your contact lens case air dry completely. The best way to do this is to place the case face down on a clean tissue. Avoid using a hair dryer or other heat source to dry it.
  6. Store your lenses  Once your case is completely dry, store your contact lenses as usual with fresh contact lens solution.

Important rules of cleaning the contact lens case

  • Do not use tap water to clean your contact lens case. Tap water can contain bacteria and protozoa that can lead to serious eye infections such as Acanthamoeba keratitis.
  • Do not use soap or other cleaning agents to clean your case. These products can damage the case and make it more difficult to clean.
  • Do not store your contact lens case in a humid environment. Moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria.
  • Do not boil contact lens case.
  • Do not put the contact lens case in the dishwasher.
  • Do not use alcohol to clean contact lens case.
You may see some information online that suggests boiling contact lens cases in water or putting cases in a dishwasher. Water can introduce harmful bacteria to cases and lenses, increasing the risk of serious infection. To keep your eyes safe, never use water to clean a lens case, even if the water is boiled.

How often should you clean the lens case?

contact lens case and one contact lens on white table

Your contact case should be cleaned after each use. Between cleanings, be sure to keep the case open and away from water and other contaminants. Remember to use only fresh solution to clean and store contact lenses.

When should you replace the case?

It's important to replace your case once every three months. Keeping cases longer than this can lead to eye irritation and bacteria build-up in the case.

Helpful hint: Reduce your waste and keep your eyes healthy! Check our 10 ways to reuse your contact lens case on the blog now.

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

Following steps care for your contact lens case can benefit your vision and eye health. Keep these helpful tips in mind the next time you clean or replace your case. Remember to prioritise your lens and case care routine to see clearly and comfortably.

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