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10 ways to re-use your old contact lens case

Table of content on 10 ways to re-use your old contact lens case

There are hundreds of thousands of contact lens cases thrown away every year. Even though small and apparently not taking up too much space, when you add up the non-biodegradable lens cases, it really adds up to the pollution of our planet – think green people :)

Did you know that contact lens cases can be sterilized for reuse and since they are made of plastic, you should be able to reuse for a lifetime?

You should never exceed the date you are advised to change your contact lenses because you risk causing serious eye conditions that can even lead to blindness.

You've been warned!

Now, not only contact lenses need to be changed frequently but also the case where you keep them overnight for cleaning and moisturizing because it can retain bacteria.
Fortunately, buying a new case is required only every 3 to 12 months, depending on the type of contacts you are using and the manufacturer. Good news is that you can also reuse it in some ingenious ways instead of throwing it in the garbage. The best news is that you get a new contact lens case for free with every solution you buy.

Below you will find some of the uses on what to do with old contact lens cases.

Makeup or Face Cream

Instead of packing big, bulky makeup bottles for a short weekend trip, pour a little bit into a clean contact case.

Anne Louise Korallus-Shapiro / buzzfeed.com

Pill Container

If you normally take nutritional supplements as vitamins or you are under medication, to avoid losing them inside the house or your bag, you can reuse the contact lens case as a pill container. Plus you'll keep pills out of contact with everything else in your bag. Tip from user pinkiebri: Use the „L“ for pills to take LATER {routine meds} „R“ for pills to take RIGHT NOW {pain}.

DIY Lip Balm

If you like creating things, why not make your own lip balm? Here's a cool video showing you how to make your own lip balm from 100% natural ingredients. Then store it in a case.

Container for Mouthwash

The single-use, emergency-sized dose, of mouthwash comes really handy when you top your lunch with extra onions – your colleagues will appreciate it :)

Creative Mini Plant

Have you seen these cute, mini plants all over the internet? Well, now you have! Get some inspiration and create your own mini plants.

creative diy mini plant

happyminisboutique / Instagram

Jewellery Box

It might sound strange, but how many times have you misplaced or lost your earrings? This solution is also ideal when travelling by plane only with the cabin luggage. You will protect your precious accessories and you will not risk losing them somewhere in the bag.

Antibacterial Gel

Why should you take the whole bottle of hand gel with you when you go on a trip when you can reuse an old case of contact lenses? Just fill in the contact lens case and you are ready to go! This way, you can save money and carry less.

antibacterial gel Source livescience.com

Box for Earplugs

For those who are used to their quiet nights in their cosy beds, it might be a good idea to take a pair of earplugs when travelling. To avoid losing them, just put them into an old contact lens case. In the morning you can leave them all on the bedside table and the next evening you can reuse them.

Ear Bud Case

We all know how easily the wires of a pair of headphones can get knotted, especially when we do not use them for a long time. In order to avoid wasting time trying to untangle them, store them in an old box of contact lenses and you can listen to your favourite music without frustration or delay. Here's how to do it.

Kitchen Spices

If you like to cook at home and take the food with you to the office, this case is suitable for spices, such as salt or pepper, or even ketchup or mayonnaise. You will use the amount you need for a meal, without needing to take the whole jar or tube with you.

Back to you. What else would you use an old contact lens case for?

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