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The TOP 10 of contact lens solutions

Jakub Odcházel

Medically reviewed by Jakub Odcházel, Chief Optician, on 25 Feb 2020
Written by Leonie Bauer

Which contact lens solutions are best for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses in 2020? We have compiled a top 10 list of the best care products for you.

This list is based on the research and experience of our internal optometrists and editors. Our team of experts took a closer look at our best-selling care products and have selected a Top 10 for you. 

Let's check it out!

The best contact lens solutions at a glance

  1. The bestseller: Solunate 400ml

    The multi-purpose Solunate is the best-selling solution on Lentiamo. In addition to high quality, it offers an convenient package at a reasonable price. The larger 400 ml package lets you take care of your contact lenses for at least 5 days longer, compared to the usual 360 ml bottles. This product is also an excellent alternative to the best ones on the market, such as ReNu MPS Sensitive Eyes, Biotrue Multi-Purpose and OPTI-FREE.


    Why is Solunate our bestseller?

    • the high quality and subsequent wearing comfort of this all-in-one solution has convinced the majority of our customers

    • The larger package means greater convenience

    • Hyaluronic acid for disinfecting, rinsing and storing soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel ones and is ideal for sensitive and dry eyes

  2. Biotrue Multi-Purpose 360 ml

    The Biotrue Multi-Purpose 360 ml solution by Bausch & Lomb is inspired by the physiology of the eyes. The pH is neutral and similar to that of healthy and natural tear fluid. Also, the solution has the ability of long-lasting wetting since it contains a wetting additive that keeps proteins active, therefore more resistant to bacteria.


    What distinguishes Biotrue Multi Purpose?

    • the high wearing comfort lasts all day long

    • the solution gives the lenses the natural feeling of tears

    • it keeps the contact lenses fresh all day long

  3. Vantio Multi-Purpose 360 ml

    Even among the less expensive solutions there are real surprises. After all, less money does not mean less quality. In addition to its unbeatable price, the Vantio 360 ml multi-purpose solution also stands out for its versatile qualities.


    Learn about the benefits of Vantio Multi-Purpose

    • Vantio Multi-Purpose solution disinfects, moisturises and removes protein deposits, and is also ideal for rinsing contact lenses.

    • Vantio is a good alternative to the best solutions on the market, such as: All In One Light, Zero-Seven Refreshing, Options Multi and many more.

    • You can buy Vantio exclusively at Lentiamo at a great price!

  4. ReNu MultiPlus 360 ml

    It's no coincidence that the ReNu MultiPlus 360 ml contact lens solution from Bausch & Lomb is well placed in our TOP 10. This multi-purpose solution is designed for the complete care of all types of soft contact lenses. The ReNu care product contains boric acid and can therefore excellently balance the pH value on the surface of the contact lenses.


    What makes ReNu MultiPlus so special?

    • ReNu MultiPlus offers maximum moisturization

    • removes the outer debris of cellular tissues

    • is easily tolerated. The eyes do not itch and burn, contact lens wearing becomes more pleasant


    Here are the solutions that have reached the 5th to 10th place in our Top 10 list

  5. Options Multi 360 ml
  6. SOLOCARE AQUA 90 ml with case
  7. Horien Ultra Comfort 500 ml
  8. Max OptiFresh bioplus 60 ml
  9. Zero-Seven Refreshing 80 ml
  10. OPTI-FREE PureMoist 90 ml


How can you actually choose the right solution for your contact lenses?

There are different products available, depending on what your eyes need. There are countless multi-purpose solutions on the market, that are suitable for most contact lens wearers. However: what's good for somebody is not necessarily going to work for someone else. Two requirements should always be kept in mind:

Maximum humidification:

Have you heard of the dry eye syndrome? This is often the result of staying in a dusty environment, while wearing contacts, or by working at the computer on a daily basis. Dry mucous membranes mean dry eyes – for this problem we recommend using contact lens solutions that strongly moisturize the contact lenses, such as our bestseller Solunate solution.

Sufficient disinfection:

Do you know what peroxide solutions are? This type of solution cleans your contact lenses particularly thoroughly. It removes bacteria and sediments without compromise. The lenses are cleaned according to the principle of chemical reactions, which may take up to several hours. At the end of the process, the peroxide solution is neutralised and your lenses can be inserted. 

However, before buying this type of solution, please inform yourself about using peroxide solutions and their application.


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