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5 tips for Shopping like a pro on Black Friday - and Cyber Monday

Written by Lentiamo on 28 Oct 2020

No day of the year promises us such spectacular discounts as Black Friday – the day that allows us to receive our desired goods at extremely reduced prices.

But do we end up buying things that we really need? Or are Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days that tempt us to spend money on things that aren't so useful in the end?

As you know, it's really easy to lose focus on what you actually need and what you don’t, so Lentiamo has put together 5 tips to help you shop like a PRO on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  1. Buy what you really want and need

    Buy items that you really need or have wanted for a long time. These include habitual items such as contact lenses and contact lens solutions that can be purchased on Black Friday at an unbeatable price.

    Besides, it's smart to use Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a good Christmas shopping opportunity. How about luxurious sunglasses or a pair of designer spectacles for your loved ones as a gift – or for yourself?
  2. Sign up for newsletters

    Subscribing to newsletters will help you find the best deals of the year with just one click. If you sign up, you see the most interesting offers before anyone else! Such deals are usually aimed at loyal customers.

    At Lentiamo.co.uk, loyal customers can get a glimpse of all the Black Friday offers one day before the official start date!

    This ensures that everything is in stock and available. Consider this as priority baggage drop-off at the airport. Feels good, doesn't it? We call it V.I.P. treatment.
  3. Make a list

    Make a list in advance of the things you really need. Don't just go to the shop or website and browse thoughtlessly. You will end up buying things that you probably won't need.

    Buying a new toaster that you don't need for £30 instead of £60 does not mean saving money, but throwing it away.
  4. Make a budget

    Making a list is great, but if you don't have a budget, you end up spending more than you should. Worse, you'll end up spending the entire budget before you've even bought all the items on your list.

    So, prioritise what's important!
  5. Online over offline

    If you don't feel like waiting in long queues, being pushed by the crowds and not finding what you're looking for, online shopping is a great alternative.

    There's nothing better than shopping from the comfort of your own home, either snuggled up in your cuddly blankets, drinking hot chocolate or sipping a glass of fine wine with your better half.

Now you know how to shop like a PRO. Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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