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Tips for Shopping like a PRO on Black Friday

Who doesn’t love Black Friday? Big discounts on your favourite items, such as a brand new TV you might not even need, new shiny shoes or maybe treat yourself to a new phone (the old phone is kinda getting slow, right?).

Prepare yourself, cause It’s really easy to lose focus on what you actually need to buy and what you don’t, so that’s why you need to be prepared.

Tips on shopping like a PRO

  • 1. Make a list

Make a list in advance of the things you really need to buy. Don’t just go to that shop or website and start browsing. You’ll probably end up buying a few things you probably don’t need.

Buying a new toaster you don't need for £30 instead of £60 is not saving but just throwing your money away.

  • 2. Make a budget

Making a list is great but if you don’t have a budget, you’ll mostly end up spending a lot of money. Worse, you’ll spend the entire budget before even purchasing all things on your list. So, prioritise what is more important.

  • 3. Online vs Offline

If you don’t feel like waiting in long lines, getting pushed by the crowds in-store and end up not finding what you were looking for, shopping online is the perfect alternative.

You can’t beat shopping in pyjamas, cuddled up with your cosy blankets, drinking hot chocolate.

  • 4. Sign up for newsletters

This can get you the best deals. By signing up for newsletters, you can get deals before they are made public. Such deals usually target loyal customers. For example at, our loyal customers can get all the deals of Black Friday, a day prior to the official starting day.

This ensures that everything is in stock and available. Think of this as priority luggage dropping and boarding at the airport. Feels nice, right? It’s called V.I.P.

  • 5. Check the return policy

This should always be the same and not change due to Black Friday or any other seasonal offer. But in the past, there have been some complaints from people who wanted to return a purchase but the refund policy for the products sold on Black Friday had been slightly different.

Don't just take the word of the nice staff working at the shop for it, but read the policy. Just in case something like that happens.

That's all. Happy Black Friday shopping.

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