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Curiosities about number 8

On the occasion of our 8th anniversary, we have decided to write this post about some curiosities of the number 8. With the naked eye, it seems to be a simple number; just a doodle with many curves, but the singularities it has is really interesting in many different fields such as astrology or chemistry. So here you have some of them.

  • In chemistry, it is the atomic number of Oxygen.
  • In biology, spiders have 8 legs and octopuses have 8 tentacles.
  • In technology, a byte is eight bits.
  • In numerology, it is the sign of the power, the executive ability, the management and the material power, among other things.
  • In maths, if you place it sideways, it becomes the infinity symbol.
  • In religion, the number 8 has different meanings, for example, in Islam it is the number of gates in heaven, while in Christianism, 8 is the number of people who travelled in Noah´s Ark.
  • In the Middle Age's astrology, 8 was the number of the “unmoving” stars in the sky, and symbolized the perfection of incoming planetary energy.
  • In China, it is a lucky number and therefore it sounds very similar to the word that symbolise health, prosperity and even the word “fortune” in some Chinese dialects.
  • In pool, the number 8 is assigned to the black ball which is the one that decides the end of the game.
  • At Lentiamo, 8 is the number of years we have been with you, working hard every day in order to please you and make your lives a little bit easier with our services.

Do you know any more curiosities about this number? Share them with us!

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