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The 5 most beautiful sunglasses trends 2022


Written by Leonie Bauer on 24 Jan 2022

Trendy sunglasses? Should I be interested in them at all? Oh, yes, you should. Because this summer, there's no better way to show off your style, your taste for fashion and your personality than with sunglasses!

But there are plenty of sunglass trends. And so are hip sunglass brands. And they all claim to be the most fashionable and modern. So we wondered: what are really the sunglasses trends of summer 2022?

Our trend editors have taken a look at the international catwalks, scoured fashion magazines and analysed the eyewear fashion on the streets of our big cities. And this is what came out: The Lentiamo list of the 5 sunglasses trends of 2022.

Let's go!

The sunglasses fashion for summer 2022

Spring and summer 2022 is clearly all about statement sunglasses. Whether rectangular, neon or mono - the more eye-catching and extravagant, the better!

1. Slim Shades

Slim, rectangular Sunglasses are here to stay. Already very popular in the summer of 2021, these sunglasses will continue to dominate our streets in 2022! However, in a slightly different design than a year ago.

This summer they are no longer quite so small and narrow, but wider and often in chunky synthetic frames.

There are no limits to the colours of slim shades. Rectangular sunglasses in black or Havana pattern never go out of style - but for spring and summer 2022, you can also try red, blue or green frames!

Do I look good in slim sunglasses?

Slim, rectangular sunglasses look great on many people, no matter what haircut, skin tone or clothing style you have. Slim shades are particularly flattering on oval and round faces, which are visually stretched by the angular edges of the frame

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2. Neon Sunglasses

The next big sunglasses trend in 2022 is even more eye-catching, especially in terms of colour. Because what we'll see everywhere this summer are neon-coloured sunglasses lenses in yellow, orange and pink!

The bright, almost shrill colours reflect the current trend of the 90s, which can be found not only in our sunglasses but also in our tops, dresses and trousers.

The best way to combine these colourful lenses is with rimless sunglasses, another big sunglasses trend this year!

Who wears neon sunglasses best?

Sunglasses with neon-coloured lenses give each of us that certain something in summer. All that matters is that the colour of our clothes doesn't clash with that of the sunglasses lenses. And if you have a healthy summer tan on your face, you can't go wrong with neon sunglasses!

3. White Sunglasses

If neon-coloured sunglasses are too flashy for you, go for a white sunglasses frame. They are no less fashionable.

When combined with a wide plastic frame and a retro shape, white frames are the perfect choice. The major designers have proven it on their catwalks and celebrities have shown it in their Instagram posts.

Who looks best in white sunglasses?

White looks particularly good when worn against sun-kissed skin. Therefore, white sunglasses will make any summer complexion shine. To add to the contrast, wear subtle colours on your body.

4. Black Sunglasses

In stark contrast to white sunglasses are classic black sunglasses. What may not immediately sound like a mega-trend but rather like standard shades is making a sensational fashion comeback in 2022!

Combined with black clothing in particular, black sunglasses look classy, wicked and mysterious.

Do black sunglasses suit me?

Oh yes, they do. Black frames look fantastic on each and every one of us. They go with every hair colour and skin tone and can easily be combined with any colour of clothing. No wonder black sunglasses are by far the most popular!

5. Mono Lens Sunglasses and Shield Sunglasses

Mono lenses are back! The accessory that brought stars like JLo to fame is back in eyewear fashion. This year, mono lens sunglasses are more futuristic than ever. Because this season it's all about maxi lenses.

At the same time, minimal frames in Matrix style are in fashion. Having fun and playing with fashion is the name of the game.

Who looks best in mono lens sunglasses and shield sunglasses?

You think that mono lens sunglasses are overkill? Or that they only look good on certain types of people? Then we have good news for you: sunglasses with mono lenses can also look fantastic on you. You just have to wear them with pride and self-confidence - and put up with the odd envious glance from those around you. Otherwise, there's no reason not to go for shield sunglasses!

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