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Biggest sunglasses trends in 2024

Written by Lentiamo on 2 Apr 2024

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The right pair of sunglasses will boost your confidence and protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, so why not invest in a pair you’ll love for seasons to come?

From contemporary interpretations of classic designs to trendy frame shapes and surprising accessories, the eyewear experts at Lentiamo are exploring the current trends for sunglasses in 2024.

How we chose the top sunglasses trends of 2024

  • Research – We checked out designer runway trends, followed new films and series, and scrolled social media to see what celebrities, influencers, and everyday fashion lovers are wearing.
  • Bestsellers – We examined our bestsellers to see what models are gaining popularity this year and what staples remain.
  • Customer reviews – We also consulted reviews to see how customers rate some of our style editors’ favourites.

1. Metal frame sunglasses

ayo edebiri wearing white suit on red carpet

Image source: instagram.com/whowhatwear

One trend that never fades is sleek metal sunglasses. This year, we're witnessing a resurgence of round and oval metal frames. The key is to look for thin wire styles in 2024.

Beloved Irish American actress Ayo Edebiri from hit series The Bear sported a laid back ensemble for the 29th Annual Critics' Choice Awards. Her metal shades easily elevate the all-white look.

Style tips for metal frames

From “balletcore,” the delicate, ballerina-inspired aesthetic, to Chloé’s revival of boho, metal sunglasses are arguably one of the most versatile frame styles. Try slim silhouettes in rose gold to achieve the simplicity of the ballerina trend. Try oversized round metal frames with brown lenses for a ‘70s moment.

Our recommendations for metal sunglasses

2. Bayonetta frames

hailey bieber taking picture in mirror while wearing sunglasses

Image source: instagram.com/haileybieber

As Y2K trends continue to influence eyewear, we’ve seen Bayonetta glasses trending and similar sunglasses shapes are gaining popularity in 2024. Characterised by their small oval or soft rectangular frames, they evoke nostalgic simplicity.

With her own collection with Vogue Eyewear, entrepreneur and trendsetter Hailey Bieber always knows what sunglasses are in fashion. Her maximalist look proves this trend can be incorporated into both casual and showstopping outfits.

Style tips for Bayonetta glasses

Bayonetta glasses, named after the Japanese video game character, have been a recent glasses trend too. Miu Miu embraced this "librarian" look during their runway show at the end of 2023. Pair the narrow frame shape with oversized blazers or structured trousers for the complete look.

Our recommendations for Bayonetta sunglasses

3. Contemporary cat eye sunglasses

greta lee wearing blue top and black sunglasses outside

Image source: instagram.com/stylecaster

You don’t need to know what style of sunglasses are in when cat eye sunglasses are always trendy. Similar to the square lines of wayfarer frames, look for the distinct upturned corners in slim sizes or rimless cat eye frames to be on trend this year.

During the press tour for Oscar-nominated Past Lives, lead Greta Lee cemented herself as a style icon. Her style blends sophistication with unexpected colours or modern takes on classic pieces including her choices in sunglasses.

Style tips for cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are one of the most popular sunglasses shapes year after year because they work well with many face shapes. Angular cat eye frames accentuate sharper facial features and highlight cheekbones, while more rounded frames are suited to those with softer features.

Our recommendations for cat eye sunglasses

4.Techwear sunglasses

jennifer lopez red shield sunglasses

Image source: instagram.com/sabrinacarpenter

While they share some similarities with wraparound sport sunglasses trends, technical wear or “techwear” sunglasses prioritise functionality over aesthetics. Their sleek lines and minimalist colours offer a straightforward and effortlessly stylish look.

Between supporting Taylor Swift on tour and spending time with BAFTA-winning Barry Keoghan, multi-talented singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter can add fashion influencer to her resume. Her sleek sunnies serve a functional purpose and add an unexpected touch to her outfit.

Style tips for techwear looks

Want to know more about techwear? Brands like The North Face and Arc'teryx are key references that embody the urban and athletic crossover trend. Utilitarian designs and functional performance materials dominate this style.

Our recommendations for techwear sunglasses

5. Modern browline sunglasses

trent alexander-arnold at milan fashion week 2024 wearing sunglasses

Image source: instagram.com/trentarnold66

For a fresh twist on a timeless style, try browline sunglasses in various shapes and styles. Unique browline designs like angular clubmasters or chunky aviators are in style in 2024.

While the collision of sports and fashion is not unique to 2024, more and more athletes are being spotted at runway shows and in brand campaigns. Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool F.C. attended Milan Fashion Week wearing angular Prada shades, one our favourite eyewear looks of the week.

Style tips for browline sunglasses

Clubmaster sunglasses are distinctly retro, but bending the classic rectangular shapes with sharper angles or interesting lines modernises them. Experimenting with materials, colours, and proportions allows for endless possibilities while still honouring the essence of classic shapes.

Our recommendations for browline shades

6. Glasses chains

Finally, sunglasses trends 2024 aren't complete without mentioning glasses chains. Chains have been quietly trending in recent years thanks in part to the influence of celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber.

2024’s designs are bolder, more diverse, and reflect a wider range of styles and personalities. Chains allow you to wear the sunglasses everyone is wearing while still staying true to your style.

Style tips for glasses chains

Mix and match glasses chains with all of your sunglasses and glasses frames to achieve distinct looks. Experiment with colour combinations to find what best complements your personal style and enhances your outfit. There are endless options for a modern take on practical glasses chains of the past.

Our recommendations for sunglasses and glasses chains

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Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

If you're ever wondering what type of sunglasses are in style, look no further than Lentiamo. Our eyewear experts know what sunglasses are in, what shapes work best for different face shapes, and are always ready to help assist you.

Explore the Lentiamo sunglasses guide to get more advice about finding the right frame size, sunglasses that match your face shape, and more.

Still not sure? Use our sunglasses virtual try on feature to see how your favourites look on you.

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