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Glasses trends in 2024: Women and men trends

two sunglasses and two glasses propped up on neutral background

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Trendy glasses come in all shapes and sizes. It might be time to upgrade your old specs if you have a new prescription or just fancy a change! 

It’s hard to know what glasses are in style 2024 or which pair will look good on you. That's why we've picked the latest glasses frames so you don’t have to. Here are eight of our favourite trends in 2024. See how we chose the top trending glasses for women and men and read some fun facts about each.

Are you planning to buy sunglasses as well? Then read our overview of sunglasses trends for 2024.

How we chose the top glasses trends of 2024...

  • Research - We reviewed designer trends, searched social media, and turned to the streets to see what celebrities, influencers and everyday fashion lovers are wearing.
  • Best sellers - We examined our best sellers to see what glasses are gaining popularity so far this year.
  • Customer reviews - We also consulted reviews to see how customers rate some of our style editors’ favourites.

Trendy glasses for women in 2024

Glasses trends for women in 2024 include classic shapes like round or cat eye and bold looks like unique and colourful frames. Find out which women's glasses are in fashion this year below!

1. Cat eye glasses (also known as harlequin glasses)

Armani Exchange 0AX1034 6044 52

Brand pictured above: Armani Exchange

There’s something about cat eye glasses that we can’t get enough of. Is it the unmistakable upturned edges? The distinctly feminine silhouette? Whatever the reason, we see cat eye glasses and sunglasses are trending in 2024. Try cat eye frames with subtle angles and simpler lines this year.

We first saw cat eye glasses rise in popularity with old Hollywood glamour stars like Marilyn Monroe in the ‘50s. Her character in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) wore classic cat eyes with exaggerated corners.

Style tip for cat eye glasses:

This year's trendy cat eye glasses take a more minimalist approach than those of the past. Look for rounded frames or rimless cat eye glasses in 2024.

Fun fact!

The original cat eye frame was designed by Altina Schinasi in the early 1920s after she noticed a lack of stylish glasses for women. Underwhelmed by standard masculine choices, Schinasi modeled her design after the delicate curves of Italian Harlequin masks.

Round glasses reimagined

Victoria Beckham VB2617 609 15 55

Brand pictured above: Victoria Beckham

There's nothing basic about circular specs. Why are they trendy this year? Round glasses are trending in 2024 in more materials, bigger sizes and brighter colours than ever before.


Style tip for wearing round glasses:

Round glasses look great on almost everyone and go well with any style. They can soften angular features such as square jaw lines or prominent cheekbones. If you have a round face, be aware that the edges of these lenses can make your face look rounder.

Fun fact!

Everyone is familiar with Harry Potter's glasses. A pair of the famous frames worn by Daniel Radcliffe were set to go up for auction in late 2022. The distinctive round glasses were expected to sell for upwards of 20,000 GBP!

3. Bright and colourful glasses frames

Moschino Love MOL558 5CB 16 54

Brand pictured above: Moschino Love

Don’t forget that eyewear is a powerful accessory. It’s time to embrace colour because bright, bold and colourful glasses are in style for 2024. Wearing vibrant frames is a great way to incorporate trendy glasses into your wardrobe.

Where else are we seeing bold hues this year? Greta Gerwig's highly anticipated Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling reminds us to not shy away from bright, maximalist fashion. The “Barbiecore” style features bursts of hot pinks, blues and neon greens.

Style tip for wearing colourful glasses:

Not sure if you want to go that bold? Colourful frames are more versatile than many think. They look great with colourful clothing and, alternatively, add interest to neutral pieces. Colourful glasses are sure to become a staple wardrobe piece.

4. '70s style glasses

Ray-Ban New Caravan 0RX3636V 2501 55

Brand pictured above: Ray-Ban

'70s style glasses and sunglasses are trending across all genders and ages. Aviator or pilot glasses, oversized acetate frames and warm colours are everywhere we look.

Many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kendall Jenner have been spotted wearing the '70s glasses trend.

Style tip for wearing ‘70s style glasses:

There’s no need to break out the flared jeans and ponchos (unless you want to). ‘70s style glasses complement any outfit and add a great vintage touch. Try metal aviators if you want a polished look for the office or a party!

Fun fact!

In the 1970s more than ever before, people began to wear glasses as a fashionable accessory and not just an important visual aid. Many distinct designs came to be during this time. This could be one of the many reasons we return to '70s style glasses - they set the tone for years of glasses to come.

Trendy glasses for men in 2024

Men’s glasses trends in 2024 lean toward classic silhouettes with bolder, brighter colours. Don’t shy away from a statement accessory this year.

1. Wire rimmed glasses

Ray-Ban 0RX6440 3052 53

Brand pictured above: Ray-Ban

Wire rimmed glasses are simple and delicate yet totally stylish. These minimalist metal frames are quickly gaining popularity in 2024. Don’t worry - interesting colours, oversized silhouettes and trendy shapes like aviators or geometric frames are still trending like last year.

From John Lennon to Harry Potter, round wire rimmed glasses have popped up in important pop culture over the years. This glasses trend is sure to be around for a while.

Style tip for wearing metal and wire rimmed glasses:

Aim for basic round, rectangular or oval frames in 2024. This will help you achieve a chic and refined look. Wire rimmed glasses are perfect for the library or relaxing at home.

Fun fact!

Historians widely agree that the first modern iterations of glasses were invented in the 1200s in Italy. Glasses frames were typically made from wood, leather or metal back then. So not only are metal glasses trendy in 2024, they’ve been a practical glasses frame material for centuries!

2. Bold and oversized glasses

David Beckham DB 7052/BB BSC 533

Brand pictured above: David Beckham

If simple metal frames aren’t for you, oversized glasses are trending for men in 2024. There’s a wide variety of thick frames and unique colours to help you stand out.

Canadian actor, writer and producer Dan Levy is widely known for his role in the hit series Schitt's Creek. You might also recognise him (and his father Eugene Levy) by their bold choices in glasses. Levy favours stylish oversized glasses with chunky frames.

Style tips for wearing oversized glasses

Although oversized glasses can be much larger than standard spectacles, they should sit on your face like your regular specs. Ideally, the frames should not extend above your eyebrows. Remember that your pupillary distance is an important factor in the comfort and effectiveness of your lenses.

Fun fact!

If you know what frame shape looks good on you, the oversized version should work well too. Remember that “oversized” means something different for every face size and shape! Try different styles to see what you like best.

3. Tortoise shell glasses

Persol 0PO3292V 985 48

Brand pictured above: Persol

Another familiar glasses style that's popular this year is tortoise shell glasses. Easily recognisible and stylish, this marbled pattern is trending in 2024.

English actor and comedien Romesh Ranganathan always has trendy men's glasses. You can find him wearing a number of colours and patterns including a contemporary and colourful take on tortoise shell. 

Style tip for wearing tortoise shell sunglasses:

The classic tortoise shell pattern is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. The palette can range from dark browns and blacks to golds and ambers. In any case, the neutral colours complement a wide range of skin tones and hair colours.

Fun fact!

Tortoise shell frames were sadly once made from real tortoise shells. Thankfully, this practice has been outlawed in many parts of the world. Glasses manufacturing has come a long way in recent decades. Today we can make other eco-friendly decisions like purchasing sustainable glasses.

4. Classic rectangle frames

Polaroid PLD D354 003 17 56

Brand pictured above: Polaroid

Why is this traditional shape trending? Just because something has been around a while doesn’t mean it’s boring! Rectangle glasses are trending for men in 2024 because they look good on almost anyone and are a timeless style choice.

Actor and Wrexham AFC owner Ryan Reynolds favours classic shapes for his eyewear. Recently he’s been sporting black rectangular frames with a Wayfarer vibe.

Style tip for wearing rectangular glasses:

Rectangle frames can be modified with different colours, browlines and materials. If you love how rectangular frames look on your face, try trendy half-rimmed glasses or a bright colour.

Fun fact!

Rectangle glasses can make your face appear thinner. Rectangular frames tend to extend beyond the sides of a round face. They add dimension and elongate features.

Closing thoughts from Lentiamo

Whether you’re an occasional glasses wearer or a daily spectacle devotee, the right glasses will improve your vision and can boost your confidence.

We love to keep up with the latest trends in glasses styles! But we also want you to look for glasses that you love (even if you don’t think they’re trendy). Use this glasses guide as inspiration to look after your eye health this year.