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Stop topping up solution!

What is “topping up” solution?

When we refer to “topping up” solution, we mean when you actually re-fill the contact lens case on top of the already used solution, instead of using fresh and clean solution. Why does it matter? Well, it matters and it’s not a good idea to top up your contact lens case, even if it is just once because it dilutes the disinfecting power of the fresh solution, which could very much leave you at risk for an eye infection.

I have already topped up my solution. What now?

You shouldn’t have done that. You have to throw it away immediately. Not only you increase the chances of getting an eye infection, but the fresh solution you've just used to top up the old one will have to be thrown away.

Can I tell if I have an eye infection?

The first signs of any kind of eye infection begin with experiencing symptoms such as redness, tearing, blurred vision, pain, or feeling like something is in your eye. If this should happen, call your eye doctor asap. Remember to use fresh solution each time you take your contact lenses out.

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