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Why contact lenses are more useful than eyeglasses in the cold season?

As cold weather slowly gains it's rights, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the benefits that contact lenses offer with lower temperatures. Many people wear contact lenses in the cold season, even on temperatures below 0 degrees. You need to know that body temperature will influence the temperature of your contact lenses, so don't worry that they will be affected when it is extremely cold.

If it is to compare contacts vs eyeglasses throughout the cold season, we have prepared a list of the most visible 3 advantages contacts have:

Contact lenses don't steam

In the cold season due to temperature fluctuations, the lenses of the glasses tend to steam very easily. It doesn't happen with the contact lenses in our offer. Precipitation (rain or snow) do not negatively influence their quality. They will not steam like eyeglasses and you will always enjoy a clear view during the whole day. Don't forget that you will also enjoy a much broader visual field due to the absence of frames, so here's the first reason why contact lenses are more convenient to wear in the cold season.

They allow you to practice winter sports

Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses can be worn very easily and comfortably under the snow goggles. Are a skiing fan, but you have a minor eye problem, such as myopia or astigmatism?The right pair of contact lenses, worn under your ski goggles, gives you an excellent visual field and enhanced comfort, unlike classic eyeglasses. You will be able to practice any of the winter sports, with the best view of the slopes.

They are much more comfortable

When it's cold outside and you are wearing contact lenses, you can fit your hood or hat on your head, without feeling uncomfortable. Because you have contact lenses instead of your eyeglasses, you can dress thicker so that the cold air doesn't make you get sick. Thus, the discomfort caused by glasses frames disappears. Throughout the cold season, we recommend you to wear daily Contact Lenses that you put in the morning and do not require very high care as you take them off in the evening.

OK, now let's sum up the reasons why contact lenses are highly recommended than eyeglasses, for the cold season. If you are a fan of winter sports, you are lucky if you choose contact lenses, because they can be easily worn under the ski goggles. You can also wear them when the cold air outside makes you dress heavier. However, the most important aspect of contact lenses is that they do not steam, so you will enjoy a much better visual field during the entire cold season.

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