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7 reasons why you can't see well with contact lenses

Jakub Odcházel, DiS.

Medically reviewed by Jakub Odcházel, DiS., Chief Optician, on 22 Jun 2022. Written by Lentiamo

Buying new contact lenses and keeping them in perfect condition is the day-to-day life of anyone with vision problems. But beware! Have you ever had blurred vision with the lenses you just bought? In this post, we'll explain the reasons why this question comes up a lot amongst our customers. 

On many occasions, our customers have told us things like, "My eyes don't focus well with contact lenses," or, "My vision is blurry with new lenses." We think it's time to put an end to all these doubts that prevent you from using contact lenses comfortably.

Do you have blurred vision with your new contact lenses? These may be the reasons

You don't have to worry if you have blurred vision with your new contact lenses as it's something that can be easily solved, and at Lentiamo we'll give you the information you're looking for. We have extensive experience in the eyewear sector and we are the leading online optician in the market, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Check to see if the contact lenses are damaged

As you may know, there are different types of contact lenses, not only in terms of their materials or manufacturer, but also in terms of their recommended frequency of use. Just like any other product with an expiry date, contact lenses also have a limited time of use.

As the lenses approach their final days, have you checked if they are slightly damaged? If so, it's time to start wearing a new set. This is something that can happen more easily with monthly contact lenses, quarterly contact lenses or extended wear contact lenses.

If you're looking to find out if your contact lenses are no longer working, it's easy: you may start to experience blurred vision, dry eyes and redness as the main symptoms. We'll tell you more about them below:


Avoid dirt on your lenses at all costs

One of the reasons you may experience blurred vision with contact lenses is that you haven't kept them in their contact lens case and lubricated them with the correct contact lens solution. Dirt is one of the main problems for people who start using contact lenses, as lack of knowledge leads them to not take the necessary precautions to keep them clean.

When it comes to eye health and eye care, don't forget that it's an extremely sensitive area, so it's essential that your lenses are stored in a safe area free of microorganisms.

Have you made sure that the prescription is correct?

It may seem like a very basic mistake, but it's something that can happen and it can certainly play a role in blurred vision with contact lenses. Usually each eye is different, so you need an optometrist to determine which prescription is right for both of your eyes.

You might need to have a check-up

You probably already know this, but your vision problems can become more pronounced over time. That's why it's absolutely necessary to have regular check-ups so that your contact lenses (and glasses if you wear them) are properly adjusted to address your problems.

It's usually recommended to do this once or twice a year to check if your situation is the same or if something has changed. If you notice problems of any kind on an ongoing basis, you should go as soon as possible to put an end to them.

Have you put each contact lens in the correct eye?

Your prescription is key and each eye may need a different correction, so it's important that you know which lens is right for each eye at all times. This way you can see clearly and avoid blurred vision with contact lenses.

How can you figure out which contact belongs in which eye? It's easy! If you have a contact lens case, the case will have the letter R (Right) for the right eye and the letter L (Left) for the left eye.


Prevent dry eyes and keep your eyes well lubricated

Having dry eyes is one of the main reasons why you can have blurred vision with your contact lenses, whether they're new or whether you've been wearing them for a while. In addition, moisturisation is also important for comfort when wearing lenses. Without moisture, contacts can cause discomfort or irritation.

If you have this kind of problem with contact lenses on a recurring basis, you can buy eye drops for a more pleasant wearing experience.

Different types of problems: binocular or intermediate vision problems

You may have taken all the right precautions, but it's also possible that you may have blurred vision with contact lenses due to vision problems of a greater degree than myopia or astigmatism. Two clear examples are binocular vision or intermediate vision.

In other words, you may only see clearly out of one eye or you may need different prescriptions depending on how far away you are from the object you want to focus on. In these cases, it's best to get a specific recommendation from your optician as to what you need to see properly.

How long does it take to get used to contact lenses?

If you've had a change of prescription and need to buy new contact lenses, be aware that it may take three days for your eye to get used to them completely. It shouldn't be too uncomfortable or annoying, but remember that it's a process your eyes must go through. Not doing so will mean that you will see even worse because they will not adapt to your needs.

Of course, once you've gotten used to them, you won't notice any problems as long as you maintain a basic care routine. After that, you won't have to worry about blurred vision with contact lenses.

If, on the other hand, more than three days have passed and any discomfort has not improved since the first day, it's best to stop using them and visit your optometrist so they can assess your situation again and recommend a different solution that will be beneficial for you. Never put your eye health in danger and always count on the opinion of specialists to guide you on the right path. Being a cautious person in this regard will help you avoid multiple complications that you don't want to happen. When your eyes adjust to your new lenses, you'll barely remember you're wearing them!


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Now that you know all you need to know about blurred vision with contact lenses, we want to provide you with a solution to get your contact lenses in the easiest way possible: from the comfort of your own home.

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