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Systane eye drops

My eyes do not stop me!

For us it is self-evident that our eyes guide us through life from morning to night, that we can blink, see and enjoy an active everyday life. Whether we drive a car, work on the computer, play sports or read the newspaper …

Alcon Systane eye drops

… all this would not work without our eyes. An important part of the eye is the tear film. It ensures that the eye remains moist and is protected against foreign bodies and infections.

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Test the range of Systane® products that will give you the relief you need, no matter whether you want quick or long-term relief of your symptoms. Systane® offers you products for all different forms of dry eyes.

Alcon Systane

Systane® eye drops contain a unique and patented technology that
  • works intelligently with the surface of the eye to retain moisture longer2
  • offers increased comfort and extended protection,1
  • improve your quality of life so that you can continue doing the things you love.3
Alcon Systane

With 2 drops of Systane® nothing can stop you!

The Systane® family is the #1 consumer brand for moistening eye drops worldwide4!

For an active lifestyle: the Systane® product family

Alcon Systane Complete
Alcon Systane Ultra
Alcon Systane Hydratation

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©Alcon 2020; DE-SYC-2000015

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