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Ing. Barbora Keřková

Ing. Barbora Keřková

Deputy Optics Store Manager

Meet Lentiamo’s Deputy Optics Store Manager Barbora. Barbora is an expert problem solver and resource for our customers and optical team. As a qualified optometrist, she has many duties including:

  • Performing professional eye examinations
  • Carrying out contact lens fittings to ensure comfort and proper vision correction
  • Providing comprehensive eyewear consultations for glasses and other visual aids

Barbora’s key contributions at Lentiamo

Barbora ensures customers have the best experience possible when visiting the Lentiamo optical store. Her extensive knowledge of vision correction and eyewear help her successfully tackle any task. Her work doesn't stop at providing eye examinations and fittings. Barbora is always ready to go above and beyond for her patients and team. If there's an eye care problem, she can help solve it.

Education, specialities, and professional experience

Barbora’s studies at Czech Technical University provided her with extensive insight into the field of optometry. Her previous experience as an optometrist with Alcon Pharmaceuticals widened her experience in eye care before she joined the Lentiamo team. She specialises in contact lens application, evaluation of tear film and dry eye disease.

Professional interests

Barbora challenges herself to keep up with changes, innovations and news related to contact lenses and care. She is always ready with the most up-to-date information possible for anyone that needs assistance.

When asked about her favourite part about working at Lentiamo, Barbora didn’t hesitate to say she enjoys her team and teamwork.

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