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Ray-Ban – how to tell if your glasses are fake?

Stylish, modern, popular. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban are great…as long as they’re genuine. Our e-shop , however, can guarantee their authenticity. If you were to buy them on your holiday for example, you might find this guide on how to tell original Ray-Bans from fakes useful. A few minutes of reading could save you money.

First tip: Look for complete packaging

Box, case, microfiber cloth and a booklet – these are all included in proper Ray-Ban packaging. If even a single item is missing, you are (most probably) buying a fake. Ray-ban However, you should still be wary even if everything’s there. You can tell if it’s a fake by paying attention to several details:
  • The logo on the front side of the box is in poor-quality print, it can be wiped off with a finger.
  • There is no sticker on the side of the box with information about the manufacturer and sunglasses model.
  • There is no logo on the case. The logo should say: 100 % UV Protection – Ray Ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica (or similar).
  • There is no logo on the microfiber cloth – all genuine sunglasses have a red logo here.

Second tip: Check the arms

Look for different things on either of them. There should be a code on the inner left part, identifying the number and colour of the glasses model. The code always begins with the letters RB and four digits, followed by more numbers and letters. To make sure the sunglasses are genuine, you can check the code on Ray-Ban’s website: When it comes to the inner right part, look for a Made in Italy or Hand Made in Italy phrase, or for letters CE (not all models have those, though). If you are buying prescription Ray-Ban glasses, the inner right side will have a logo only.

Ray-ban Ray-ban

Third tip: Don’t forget lenses and nose pads

Genuine glasses should again have a logo on them. Nose pads have an embossed logo, while lenses either have a logo on the right one (sunglasses) or left one (plastic prescription glasses).

Ray-ban Ray-ban Ray-ban

Fourth tip, which should actually be the first

Be careful and only buy Ray-Ban glasses from certified sellers. And remember – when the price seems to be too good to be true, it’s probably a fake. Don’t want to risk it? Buy Ray-Ban sunglasses in our e-shop.

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