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All You Need (For Halloween) is Zombie Contact Lenses

Choosing the right sunglasses lens colour

It's that time of year when all the zombies, witches and Frankenstein fans are looking for the perfect creepy Halloween costume. To give your outfit a particularly creepy look, you shouldn't miss Halloween contact lenses.

The most popular ones? White Zombie and WhiteOut lenses because they make your eyes look cold, empty and dead. But are zombie contacts also available as prescription lenses?

Yes, also the true contact lens wearers among us can enjoy their Halloween night with a clear view. You can choose between prescription and non-prescription Zombie contact lenses. They are available in dioptrics from 0 to –6.00.

What are the differences between White Zombie and WhiteOut lenses?

Both lenses are part of the ColourVUE Crazy Lens series. They are perfect accessories for Halloween and an eye-catcher at any Halloween party. Zombies, ghosts, skulls – all these costumes look even better with white lenses.

The White Zombie lenses are a true Halloween bestseller, but the WhiteOuts are also very popular. This is because they are more discreet than their White Zombie counterparts as the black border around the iris is missing. This makes the WhiteOuts an eerily beautiful alternative.

For how long can I wear Zombie lenses?

Due to their unique technology that guarantees oxygen breathability and safety, as the colourant is locked in the bottom layers of the lens, you can wear Zombie contacts lenses for a long time.

Just be sure to insert the lenses before the party. Then you can wear them all night long without any problems. Please remember to remove your lenses before going to bed.

Read here and learn more about the nature of contact lenses

  • Always put the lenses in before applying any makeup and take them out before removing your makeup.
  • Remove your lenses immediately if your eyes get irritated and you feel discomfort or pain.
  • If you forget to take them out and sleep with your contacts in, or if your eyes get irritated, consult an eye doctor and get your eyes treated as soon as possible.

How do I use Zombie contact lenses?

If you wear contact lenses, you already know how to insert them. If not, here is a short summary for you: 

Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Wash your hands: It’s important to make sure you have no contaminants on your hands.
  2. Do not confuse the right lens with the left one: Do not exchange lenses from one eye to the other. The lens case will help you remember which lens is right for each eye.
  3. Handle your lenses carefully: Put a lens on your index finger and make sure it is the right way around – it should be bent upwards like a bowl. Once you have cleaned your lens with some solution, you are ready to install it.
  4. Gently insert your lenses: Hold your lens with one hand, use the other hand to hold your eyelid up. Then place the lens on the surface of your eye. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Blink – and you’re done! Blink a few times to see if your eyes are comfortable. They don't? No problem. Simply remove your lens, clean with a multi-purpose solution and reapply after using eye drops.

Does the white colour of Zombie contact lenses affect the way I see?

Many of our customers wonder whether Zombie lenses have an impact on our vision. Many even wonder if you see ‚whiter‘ when wearing white lenses.

The answer is no. You won't see ‚white‘ when your wear White Zombie or WhiteOut lenses. However, crazy lenses can have some effect on our vision, therefore we strongly advise not to drive whilst wearing them.

Finally, which costumes look best with Zombie contact lenses?

Obviously all white lenses, especially the White Zombie and WhiteOut lenses, go perfectly with any Zombie costume. The most popular Zombies are those from the famous TV series The Walking Dead.


Walking Dead

Here's what you need for that Walking Dead Zombie look:

Put on a torn shirt and insert your zombie contacts! Prime your skin with grey colour, dab blood splatter with red paint on your skin and apply black makeup to the mouth and eyes.

Now let the creepy fun begin!

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