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Dos and Don'ts: Halloween Contact Lenses

Choosing the right sunglasses lens colour

HALLOWEEN! That time of the year that makes you think of creating scary, beautiful costumes and makeup. Something you shouldn't overlook to acheive this: coloured contact lenses. Finding the best Halloween contact lenses is not the most difficult part, though. There are many colours and patterns, both with prescription and without.

Staying safe when wearing coloured lenses should be your primary concern so that your „bloody eye“ remains a special FX and does not become reality.

Since it's better to be safe than sorry, here are some tips for this year's Halloween night.

Let's start with the don'ts:

When wearing contact lenses, there are a few rules you must follow:

  • Do not share your lenses with your friends, family — with no one. Experts say that by sharing your contacts you increase the chances of spreading eye disease and the risk of corneal ulcers. Just like toothbrushes and underwear, contact lenses are personal items.
  • Do not overuse your contacts. Your optician or doctor will educate you on proper wearing time. If in doubt, follow the manufacturers' instructions.
  • Do not drive with Halloween contacts. Crazy contacts that cover your pupil cause vision impairment, so it's not advisable to drive while wearing them.
  • Do not sleep while wearing coloured lenses. When you do, your lenses can get misaligned, they can cause irritation, and in the worse cases may even cause permanent eye damage.
  • Don't buy lenses from just about anywhere, just because they’re cheap – your eyes' health is at stake! It’s better to order your lenses from an authorized retailer.
  • Do not “top off” solution. Use fresh lens disinfecting solution only – never mix fresh solution with old, or used solution. 1
  • Do not let hair spray or any cosmetics come into contact with your lenses.

Remember: If you forget to take them out and sleep with your contacts in, if your eyes are irritated, consult an eye doctor and get your eyes treated as soon as possible.

You might be thinking: “Wow, that’s too many don'ts and precautions". And you are right. But it’s better to take some precautions, rather than ending up ruining your Halloween party, or worse as mentioned above, end up in the outpatients'.

Now that we are done with the don'ts, here is the fun part. Let’s look at what we can actually do with contacts.


  • Choose amazing motifs of coloured lenses with or without prescription.
  • Make a great impression and wear an amazing costume. 
  • Remember the importance of blinking. Regular and complete blinking will help you to keep the lens moist and clean. 2
  • Always put in before applying any makeup & take out before removing it.
  • Remove immediately if your eyes get irritated and you feel discomfort or pain.

1 — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2 — University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

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