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Jakub Odcházel, DiS.

Jakub Odcházel, DiS.

Chief Optician

Meet Jakub, Lentiamo’s Chief Optician and Optical Stores Chain Manager! Jakub expertly leads and enriches our optical team and customers with his medical know-how. As a medical advisor at Lentiamo, he also plays a central role in the production of our medical content. Jakub’s main duties include:

  • Creating new optics stores and managing all existing ones
  • Supervising the business side of the field of optometry

Jakub’s key contributions to content at Lentiamo

Jakub is a go-to person for our medical content. He reviews the team's medical research for accuracy, considers potential content, and is an indispensable resource overall. His insights bring the content team up to date on the latest developments in ophthalmology and eye care.

Education, specialities, and professional experience

Jakub’s education in optometry began with Higher Vocational Medical School and Secondary Medical School. With over a decade of professional experience divided between D-Optik and Lens Centrum, Jakub brought substantial experience with him to Lentiamo over five years ago. He always continues to strengthen our stores and content.

As a Certified Optician and specialist, Jakub’s expertise is extensive and varied. He is an expert in:

  • Objective 3D PasKal eye examinations and refraction
  • All things contact lenses
  • Materials and edging processes of manufacturing glasses
  • Legislation of optics stores and management in the field of optometry

Jakub sincerely takes pride in his work in the eye care field. The work atmosphere, his team, and the exciting growth opportunities at Lentiamo are amongst his favourite parts of the job.

What are some of his top eye care interests?

Jakub enjoys educating himself in the correction of functioning binocular vision, following new and old trends of eyewear fashion, and growing in the eye care industry.

Medical reviews and contributions