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Stenopeic contact lenses

Stenopeic contact lenses have a totally transparent substrate and only a small hole through which concentrates the sun's rays and which can be seen. These contact lenses can help in aniridia:/glossary/aniridia.html, albinism and extensive defects of the iris, which is the size of the aperture, which regulates the access of light into the eye , thus allowing vision.

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  • Catlos

    Hello! I live in Brazil, I'd like to know how I can buy the stenopeic lens

    • Cristiana

      Dear Catlos,

      We would love to help but, unfortunately, we don't sell this product. I hope
      you will manage to find it asap.

      Best wishes,

      • Stefan B.

        Hi Christina!
        My friend in Brazil is in dire need of such stenopeic lenses. Where can he get these? Do you know a reseller?

        • Gergana-Ekaterina

          Hello, Stefan,

          Unfortunately, we do not sell such type of lenses. Please, consult a local
          optometrist, so he can assist you further.

          Thank you.


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