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Material flexibility

Flexibility of contact lens material plays an important role when handling contact lenses, for the length of usage and for correct fitting the eye. It is important to maintain a balanced…

Material of contact lenses

Nowadays most contact lenses are made of following materials: Hydrogel More modern silicone hydrogel, which has a higher oxygen permeability and is a combination of…


This is brown pigment in the skin, hair and iris of the eye. The colour of the iris is caused by different amount of melanin. The green and blue eyes lack this pigment. After birth, melanin is…

Metabolism of cornea

Corneal metabolism is dependent on the supply of glucose and water. The main source is the tear film. The usage of contact lenses can lead to hypoxic conditions – see


These are clusters of dead epithelial cells, resulting from hypoxia. Microcysts are mostly found in long worn contact lenses. After…


Monovision is a method of vision correction when a spherical contact lens for distance vision is applied on one eye while the other eye has a…


Mucin is phlegm (mucus). Its secretion happens in the epithelium of the conjunctiva and is an important component of the tear film. Mucin adheres to the hydrophobic surface of the cornea and…

Multifocal contact lenses

Multifocals are aspheric contact lenses where the optical power varies smoothly from lens centre to the periphery – Mostly these lenses have a central portion for distance vision and peripheral…

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