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The branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye.


An optometrist is a specialist in the correction of refractive errors. They are oriented mainly on visual examination of the front part of the eye and for the application (prescribing) of contact…

Optotype charts

An eye chart of different sized letters or symbols, used in ophthalmology to detect quality of vision. The most commonly used are Snellen eye charts.

Optyl®: The light, hypoallergenic frame material

Optyl® is a state-of-the-art frame material for everyone who wants to…


Osmotic concentration, expressed as the total amount (in moles) of active particles (particles not undergoing membrane regardless of their size or electrical charge), dissolved in 1 litre of…


Osmoprotection is a repeated hydration of the corneal epithelium…

Otto Wichterle - inventor of contact lenses

Prof. Ing. RTDr. Otto Wichterle, MD. (October 27, 1913 – August 18, 1998) was the inventor of contact lenses. He was a world-renowned Czech scientist and inventor, working mainly in the field…

Oxygen permeability

Oxygen Permeability of the contact lenses is a very important figure especially in continuous wear contact lenses. The permeability…