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Allergic reaction

Allergic reaction of ocular tissues is often caused by a reaction to the contact lens materials, preservatives in solutions, or by eye drops – see keratopathy. It is therefore recommended to follow the instructions given at the onset of wearing contact lenses, and taking good care of them. It is advised to start with the simplest solution, which contains the least amount of chemical components.

Conjunctivitis is amongst the best known symptoms of an allergic reaction. Besides plant pollens, there are other substances that can trigger allergic reactions (allergens) – e.g. bacteria toxins, dust, and mites. The most unpleasant form of conjunctivitis is the one caused by allergic reactions to contact lenses.

Papillary conjunctivitis is an allergic reaction of palpebral conjunctiva to material and deposits of contact lenses.

Furthermore, keratitis is caused by an allergic reaction to contact lenses or solutions.

Allergic reactions are more common amongst users of soft contact lenses.


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