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Frequently asked questions: Sport & entertainment

Contact lenses and sea water


Question: I’m planning a trip to the sea once again to do some fishing. I realized that my glasses will not do because splashing water will prevent me from seeing anything through the lenses and I won’t have time to wipe them. My question is: if I get contact lenses, can I be sure that the sea water won’t do them any harm? Thank you for your answer.

Reply: In this particular case, it is possible to use contact lenses, however with certain risks and limitations. You have to consider possible contamination of the lenses by sea water, which could result in burning sensations (salt) and sometimes infection of the lenses, or the eyes.

This is why we would recommend daily contact lenses. Definitely don’t use them repeatedly, nor wear continuous lenses on these occasions.

Wearing contact lenses in a swimming pool


Question: I’m going to work abroad as a kid’s animator and part of the job includes being in a swimming pool, or the sea. I will be there for three months and, as a student, I don’t have the money to buy 90 pairs of daily contact lenses. I can’t see without lenses and glasses are not an option! Last year I had the same summer job, three months again, and I wore contact lenses in both a swimming pool and the sea without problems! I was of course careful to prevent unnecessary splashing and getting water into the eyes. What do you think is the best solution for me?

Reply: Water from a swimming pool (lake, river or sea) can normally get into the eye without causing any problems as it’s usually flushed away with tears. However, contact lenses act like a sponge. Water can get bacteria into them that multiply and can cause big problems after several days. This is why I can only recommend daily contact lenses for this activity. Another option could be prescription goggles. These cost around 2000 CZK, depending on the type and can last for several years.

Contact lenses and sea water


Question: I wanted to ask…I’ve read somewhere that you should wear daily contact lenses when by the sea. I would like to order them but my question is: how long will they last in a pack? If I use 14 during my holiday, can I use the rest a year later? 2.) Will my current lenses come to any harm if I stop wearing them and keep them in a case for a longer period (that is, the above mentioned 14 days) and start using them when I come back again? 3.) I also wanted to ask about UV filter in contact lenses and combining them with cheaper sunglasses – will it be a sufficient protection for the eyes? Thank you.

Reply: When swimming, in any water, it’s dangerous to use other lenses than Dailies. The reason for this is the threat of an infection. All contact lenses have their expiry date written on the pack, usually they last one or two years. I wouldn’t recommend postponing the use of extended wear contact lenses for more than 3 days. They lose sterility and the risk of bacteria growth increases. Finish using the current pair of lenses and get a fresh one after coming back from your holiday.

If there’s a UV filter declared on the lens, it is guaranteed. It is, however, important to point out that a contact lens UV filter only protects the cornea , not the conjunctiva or eye lids – it is thus crucial to protect yourself with suitable sunglasses as well. You will buy quality sunglasses at an optician’s.

Using a mascara and eye liner


Question: I wanted to ask if I can use mascara and eye liner when wearing contact lenses?

Reply: You can, but you need to be more cautious with your make-up. Only use mascara or eye liner that doesn’t crumble because the little bits wouldn’t do the lenses any good.

Can contact lenses be used even during physically highly demanding activities?


Question: I have a slightly sensitive question. Can contact lenses be used during physically demanding activities, specifically modern gymnastics or during intercourse?

Reply: Many athletes use contact lenses, like football players, hockey players, cyclists, skiers, tennis players…We don’t recommend using contacts for swimming or water sports when lenses can get contaminated. In these cases, it is possible to use daily lenses. I think you can easily use lenses for modern gymnastics. The physical activity during intercourse can also be compared to sports so no reason why not to use them. You only need to take them out for sleeping, unless you use continuous wear contacts.

Monthly, or daily Contacts?


Question: I would like to wear contact lenses on some occasions and for sports, about three times a week. I thought I’d be offered daily contacts but I was recommended monthly ones instead, assuming I would leave the lenses in a case for a few days in a row. How long can the lenses stay in a case for? I don’t want to give up on glasses, they’re convenient and I would even use them for sports, but I have already damaged a few pairs by doing so…

Reply: I would recommend daily contact lenses. If you do sports and only use them occasionally, it is definitely a better choice for you. Monthly contact lenses shouldn’t stay in the case longer than a week. I recommend you visit a contactologist and ask them about Daily Contact Lenses.

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