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Frequently asked questions: Problems of lens wearers

Ask any question regarding contact lenses and we will answer it within a few days. The most interesting questions will be displayed on our site.

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Choroidal effusions after changing types of contact lenses


Question: I was wearing SofLens contact lenses for 3 years and was really happy with them. Then I bought the cheaper Soflens 59 and after about 3 weeks, I started having choroidal effusions, feelings of discomfort and direct light became really unpleasant. My ophthalmologist prescribed Fluxol and my eyes healed. I threw away the old pair of lenses because I assumed it was infected and used a new one. It all started again after two weeks. Could it be because I was using the cheaper version?

And if I started using SofLens Comfort again, would the problems stop? Could I possibly use Soflens 66 that are apparently predecessors of the Comfort line, or would they have the same impact on my eyes?

Reply: The problem probably was that you started using Soflens 59 without a new prescription and without seeing a contactologist.

We can either recommend going back to SofLens Comfort. or trying a new prescription that would be suitable for your parameters.

Burning sensation while wearing contact lenses


Question: I can’t wear monthly contact lenses due to burning sensations in the eyes but I have heard that the Acuvue Oasys should be ok to wear? Is it true?

Reply: Before you start using any type of contact lenses again, you should first find the reason behind your problems. Burning eyes can be caused by many factors and simply changing the type of lenses might not help. Please consult your contactologist.

Can pain in temples be connected to contact lenses?


Question: I’d been wearing bi-weekly contact lenses for half a year without problems. Only this week I started having headaches, always in my temples. I don’t have red eyes, nor any burning sensations. The pain comes during the day and disappears without any medicine, but it keeps coming back. Is it possible that it’s caused by contact lenses? I have never suffered from headaches.

Reply: Your problem is probably not connected to contact lenses. Nonetheless, I would recommend you to not ignore it and visit a doctor.

Is long-sightedness the price for not being short-sighted?


Question: I wear FOCUS MONTHLY LENSES and my doctor prescribed me more dioptres (from –2.00 to –2.25). My close vision is not clear though and I can see well without them. My doctor told me that there’s nothing she can do about it and that it’s the price for having good distance vision. Is it true?

Reply: Your doctor is right. The truth is that under-corrected far-sightedness (lower dpt value) allows for sharper close vision without straining the accommodations. With full correction, the strain while focusing on close distance seems worse. With fully functioning accommodation (till approx. 40–45 years of age) the eyes adapt quickly, though.

Different prescription for contact lenses and glasses?


Question: I have distance glasses with 1,25 dioptres. My doctor prescribed contact lenses to me with the same values. While wearing contact lenses, I have problems working at a computer or when I’m watching TV. After talking to my friends, I found out that that the majority of them have different prescriptions for lenses and for glasses. Could you please tell me what is correct?

Reply: Reduction of dioptres is usually done with corrections from 3dpt. However, if you can tell that your vision gets worse during the times you described, the reason will be somewhere else. When working at a computer or watching TV, the intervals between blinking are longer, which then weakens the tear film. I assume that this is what’s causing the problem. You can try reducing or eliminating it by using Eye Drops.

How can I reduce dryness?


Question: I wear monthly Switch disposables contact lenses. Recently, I’ve been wearing glasses more often because the lenses dry out in my eyes when I sit at a computer all day. Are there any similar contact lenses (such as Frequency 55) that would eliminate dry eye somehow (for example by containing more water or having a newer type of material)?

Reply: Working at a computer results in less frequent blinking which means increased disruption of tear film on the eye (or lens) surface. This problem can be fixed by using lubricating eye drops (e.g. Refresh). Other types of contact lenses could only reduce the dryness. You will most definitely need to use eye drops when working at a computer. If you would like to change your type of lenses, always consult with a contactologist.

Problems with contact lens application


Question: I’ve been using daily contact lenses with 14,2 diameter for a bit. I struggle a lot when I’m putting them in and taking them out. Could it be because of their size? My optician told me that it is a universal size and that it shouldn’t cause any problems. Still, they feel like they are too big for me and I can feel them in my eyes.

Reply: When it comes to lens diameter, it should always correspond to the diameter of your cornea with an appropriate limbal coverage, it shouldn’t be “universal”. It is, however, possible that your issues with application will disappear over time as you get better at it. If not, please speak to your contactologist as this problem can be caused by several things.

Burning sensations because of unsuitable solution?


Question: I use AO SEPT PLUS 360 ml solution but I’ve been having issues with it recently. You have to leave the lenses in for 6–8 hours – I leave them there for 12 and still when I put them in, I get burning sensations, redness, etc. Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Reply: It is possible that the disc that neutralizes oxygen has been overused, especially if this issue doesn’t occur when you have a new case – changing it more often should help. If that’s not the reason, you can try a new solution, such as those in our Peroxide solutions page. The specific recommendation depends on your contact lens type.

Blurry vision


Question: I’ve been wearing this type of contact lenses for two weeks now but my vision is blurry when I work at a computer or when I’ve been reading for a bit. It takes me a while to focus. Should I try AIR Optix lenses for astigmatism or is this normal? I also tried Hylocomod with no change. I don’t feel the lenses in the eyes at all so I tolerate them well.

Reply: Let me point out that the statement “I don’t feel the lenses in the eyes at all so I tolerate them well” might not always be true. This could, for example, mean that your lenses are sitting too tightly on the eye which can be a disaster for the cornea. When correcting astigmatism with spheric lenses, the vision can be less sharp than when you do a full correction with glasses, depending on the size of your astigmatism. I can’t unfortunately tell you the exact reason behind this issue without a proper exam. I recommend you visit a contactologist.

Can I wear lenses if I work at a computer every day?


Question: I wanted to ask if it’s ok to use contact lenses daily when I spend about 8–10 hours a day at a computer?

Reply: Computer work is not ideal for contact lenses. The frequency of blinking is much lower and the eye surface can dry faster. It is necessary to use mosturising Eye drops as well.

Contact lenses and freezing temperatures or hot steam


Question: I would like to ask if I can wear lenses in a sauna and hot steam. Also, is there any temperature (freezing) when it’s not recommended to wear them?

Reply: When it comes to low temperatures, the wearing of contacts is negatively affected by increased tear production – but it’s an individual matter and doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t be able to wear them. The other extreme, high temperatures and steam in saunas, plus increased moisture is a different issue altogether. We don’t recommend wearing lenses in this case.

Problems with contact lenses


Question: I’ve only just started wearing contact lenses. Everything was going fine, but in the past four days I haven’t been able to wear the contact lens in my right eye. It feels like I’ve got something stuck in it, it makes me blink all the time and I can’t open my eye…so I have to take the lens out. I wanted to ask what could be causing it, if it’s some problem with the lens or something else.

Reply: It’s really difficult to tell from a distance what the culprit could be. It could be some production flaw of the lens. If you would like to return it, please send us a photo of the lens, description of your problems and order number.

Problems with wearing contact lenses


Question: I’ve been wearing Optima FW contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb for eight years but in the last month, they suddenly started bothering me in the eyes during the day. Everything is ok in the morning when I put them in but throughout the day, my eyes (or lenses) get dry and even moisturising eye drops don’t work for long, so in the end I have to take the lenses out to get some relief. Has their composition changed somehow maybe? I’ve never had problems with them and there were no changes on my side when it comes to life style, solution brand, contact lens care, etc.

Reply: Optima FW Quarterly contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb are manufactured in exactly the same way as they always were. If you are already wearing contact lenses, it is recommended that you change the brand with the help of a contactologist – I strongly recommend that you consult with him and also start using eye drops.

Red eyes while wearing contact lenses


Question: I’ve been wearing contact lenses for two years, but every time after a longer period of wear, my eyes go red so I stop wearing them and everything goes back to normal after a few days. I wear monthly lenses, I put them in yesterday and then I realised I might have been wearing them for longer than recommended so I took them out again. Today it seems to me that my vision is a bit blurry on my right eye when I wear glasses. I worry that I might have somehow damaged my eye sight.

Reply: We definitely recommend you see your eye doctor or contactologist. It is difficult to make a guess from afar. Before you start using contact lenses, you have to go to a doctor first, who will prescribe a trial pair of contact lenses. Apart from parameters such as curvature or diameter, the material is also important, as is water content or oxygen permeability. It can happen that even with all the correct parameters, your contact lenses still won’t fit properly.

Help with dioptres


Question: My dioptres are written as =2.25, is it a minus or a plus value? I ordered lenses with a plus value and they don’t feel right.

Reply: In this case we recommend you visit your eye doctor or contactologist who will tell you what the right values are.

Pinkish colour of contact lenses


Question: I’ve been using Biofinity contact lenses and Complete solution for about three years. Recently, when I took the lenses out in the evening and put them in the solution, they had a slightly pinkish colour. I have no idea what could have caused it. When I put the lens in my eye, I can see a clear pink ring around my iris. Could you please tell me what it is?

Reply: The colouring that is supposed to make the contact lens manipulation easier can sometimes change colour after getting in touch with some chemical components (it could be from outside, or from the tear film). It’s nothing that would cause any harm to your eyes, it’s just a cosmetic change. At the moment, we are aware of several components that cause this reaction and these are part of certain medicines, cosmetics, etc. I can’t tell exactly which one of them caused the reaction with your lenses. If you’ve been using contact lenses for a long time and this has never happened before, try thinking about what else could have changed recently (different brand of cosmetics, new medication, etc.). If you are bothered by the tint, we could send you new lenses but if we don’t find the actual cause, the same thing could happen again.

Problem with wearing contact lenses


Question: I have –1.75 dioptres and approximately two months ago I started wearing contact lenses. When I take them out in the evening my eye sight seems to be worse than before. I wanted to ask what could be causing it?

Reply: It’s difficult to give you advice from afar. I recommend visiting your contactologist, who will conduct a more thorough check-up and should find the causes of your discomfort.

Problems with lens


Question: I already have some experience with contact lenses. I would like to start wearing them again after a break (my eye sight only got worse by 0.25 dioptres) – but I have a problem with my right eye. After putting the lens in, everything is ok for a while but my vision gets misty throughout the day, no matter if I’m standing near or far away and it’s not the dioptres. My left eye is completely fine. I wear lenses by Bausch & Lomb. Do you have any idea what could be causing it? I’ve tried other brands, prescribed by my ophthalmologist, but they feel gritty in my eyes. I don’t know what to do.

Reply: We recommend you visit an eye doctor or a contactologist, who will find out what the cause is. I honestly cannot tell you, from here, what the problem might be.

Wrong dioptres

Marketa S.

Question: How can I exchange +lenses for -lenses? I don’t know how I managed to do that but I think I need them quickly. I have already applied one lens and what a surprise. I would like to ask you for a useful solution. Don’t have money for new ones.

Reply: I am very sorry that you have ordered the wrong pack. Unfortunately, it is not possible to return an open pack. You can try selling it on our Facebook page, or other websites designed for items selling.

Side Effects of using contact lenses


Question: What are the side effects of using contact lenses?

Reply: There are no side effects to using contact lenses, if you have the right parameters, and make sure that the material, water content and oxygen permability are suitable for your eyes. Therefore, it is always best to consult your eye specialist before buying lenses.