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Frequently asked questions: Lens type change

Ask any question regarding contact lenses and we will answer it within a few days. The most interesting questions will be displayed on our site.

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Will the Surevue contact lenses be discontinued?


Question: I use Johnson Surevue BC 8,8 DIA14,0 contact lenses, –4D on the left eye, –2,5 D on the right one. I’ve read that they will soon be discontinued, can you tell me which type should I switch to?

Reply: We haven’t heard anything about the production of the Surevue contact lenses stopping any time soon. It is true that these lenses have been on the market for over 12 years and it is of course possible that they will be modernized a bit.

However, we don’t have any news from the official importer. If you would still like to change your contact lenses, it is always advisable to consult your contactologist, who will recommend a suitable type after measuring your parameters and considering the reasons why you wear them.

Can I wear dailies even though my doctor prescribed monthly contact lenses to me?


Question: My doctor prescribed the Frequency Xcel monthly contact lenses to me. I think, however, that dailies would be more suitable – I chose 1 Day Acuvue or 1 Acuvue Moist from your offer. Is it a good decision?

Reply: Please make an appointment with a contactologist and ask them for a trial pair of daily contact lenses. Then you can be sure that they will be suitable for you.

Can I replace Precision UV lenses that don’t work for me for Air Optix lenses?


Question: I’ve been wearing the Precision UV contact lenses for about 4 years but I haven’t been very happy with them recently. I wanted to ask if I could simply order the Air Optix contact lenses instead. Or is it possible they won’t be suitable?

Reply: It is impossible to say if contact lenses will be suitable or not without a check-up. This applies to every time you decide to change the type of lenses. It is important to find out why your current type is not suitable anylonger and proceed accordingly, after finding the cause.

Can I start wearing continuous wear contact lenses?


Question: I would like to ask – would it be helpful if I started using continuous wear contact lenses, my curvature is 8,6 but my diameter is 14,2 – unfortunately I can’t find contact lenses that would meet these parameters, with the closest diameter being 14,0 – do you think I could use those?

Reply: Even when it comes to something as apparently simple as changing the type of contact lenses, it is always necessary to ask for a new prescription. The procedure is the same as when you started wearing contact lenses for the first time (with the exception of teaching you how to apply new lenses). Why is it necessary? When seeing your contactologist, you can always ask about the most suitable type, try a few different brands and, most importantly – they will check how the lens sits on your eye with a microscope. Then you will know for sure that you have chosen the best possible type.

Switching from bi-weekly contacts to monthly ones.


Question: I use bi-weekly Acuvue Advance contact lenses with 14.0 diameter and 8.3 curvature. I would like to start using monthly lenses, do you think the D 55 Wilens would be a good choice for me even though they have different parameters: 14.1 diameter and 8.45 curvature?

Reply: Slightly different parameters don’t necessarily mean the contact lenses couldn’t be used. But don’t make any changes without a check-up at your contactologist’s. Then you’ll know you made the right decision and perhaps you'll be able to switch to the monthly contact lenses that are more suitable for you.

The importance of a contact lens diameter


Question: I would like to know if it’s important to stick to a lens diameter when buying contact lenses. At my first check-up, my doctor recommended me lenses with 14.0 DIA. But, for example, your special offer pack contains lenses with 14,2 DIA. I’m not sure if it wouldn’t cause problems? Thank you.

Reply: Your doctor (contactologist) should always recommend a specific type of contact lense based on your check-up. If you would like to switch to different lenses, e.g. from Biofinity to Air Optix, you should go for re-application to make sure you eliminate any health risks. This means your contactologist should at least approve of your new contact lens type.

Generally speaking, a tiny difference in a lens diameter doesn’t create an obstacle in getting a new prescription. On the other hand, the material, oxygen permeability and water content could make a big difference. If you are using Biofinity, they are one of the best quality on lenses on the market. If you’d rather use Air Optix lenses, consult it with you doctor who will check your eyes.

Corneal vascularization and changing the type of contact lenses


Question: I used to wear Surevue contact lenses with 8.8 curvature. I wanted to switch to Air Optix Aqua because of their oxygen permeability (I was warned about mild corneal vascularization so I assumed these lenses could prevent it from getting worse). I was at an eye specialist and she applied Proclear Compatibles saying that Air Optix are not adaptable enough and that my cornea is flat so that they wouldn’t fit. The curvature of both types is 8.6 so I’m confused. Do you think it would be worth having my eyes measured by somebody else?

Reply: First of all, I would recommend finding out the reason of your vascularization. It could be incorrect usage of the Surevue. Maybe the lenses weren’t picked properly. If the vascularization really is mild, I would recommend a completely new type of lenses. The important thing is that contact lenses fit you in all aspects (high oxygen permeability is not the most important part) and that the eye exam is done properly.

Can I switch from Air Optix lenses to Air Optix Aqua?


Question: I use O2 Air Optix Aqua contact lenses. I have found their successors, Air Optix Aqua in your e-shop and I wanted to know if I can start using them or if there could be a problem.

Reply: Air Optix Aqua are an enhanced version of the old ones, with the same parameters, that’s why there’s no need for a new eye exam. Thanks to their Aqua moisturising system, they have 30 % better wettability and are more resistant against lipid sediments.

What are the risks of switching to different contact lenses?


Question: I went for a re-application of contact lenses – I wanted to try Bausch and Lomb lenses with longer replacement period. Previously, I had been using Acuvue 2 with 8,7 curvature (these were the parameters measured during an eye exam). My current trial pair are lenses by Purevision but as I found out, their curvature is 8,6. That’s why I want to know more. Could you please describe the possible risks in a bit more detail? I would also like to know what other factors you focus on during application, apart from curvature, DIA, replacement period, oxygen permeability or material, and what do you base the decision on. The machine measured certain values but my optometrist gave me a trial pair with different parameters, he checked how I applied them and that was it.

Reply: It is entirely possible that contact lenses with different curvature or diameters values will fit you well. You yourself have no chance of telling if they’d be suitable or not. It is necessary for an optometrist to check the applied lens with a microscope and see if it fits within the defined limits. The difference between curvatures and diameter is usually balanced out by a different rigidity of the material, different lens thickness, etc. When it comes to risks: during a short-time usage of unsuitable lenses, the less serious problem would be discomfort. In worse cases, it could lead to damage of corneal surface, infection and in the case of incorrect long-term contact lens care, it can result in corneal neovascularization (in-growth of blood vessels into corneal tissue).

Switch Premier and Biofinity


Question: My eye doctor applied SWITCH PREMIER lenses to me today. I have read on the internet that these lenses are made for Fokus Optik and that there’s an identical alternative available in a different pack. I think ithey’re Biofinity contact lenses. The parameters seem to be the same, so does the water content and other things. The only difference is the price – Biofinity are much cheaper. Could you please tell me if it’s true or not? I wouldn’t want to spend the extra money, if I can avoid it.

Reply: Switch Premier and Biofinity contact lenses are indeed the same. If you order Biofinity you won’t go wrong.

Problems with switching from Soflens 59 to PureVision


Question: I’ve been wearing different types of contact lenses for about 5 years now, but I have always made the transition with the help of a contactologist. A week ago, I bought continuous wear PureVision lenses for the first time and they seem to be much harder than my former SofLens 59. I managed to sleep in them for about three nights but I can’t imagine wearing them non-stop for a month. Do you know why they are harder? My vision is also blurrier.

Reply: A similar problem was quite frequent with wearers who used to use the now discontinued Soflens 66. The qualities of PureVision lenses are simply different, but your contactologist should know that. Most previous Soflens users (but not all of them) were happy with XC60 or Frequency 55. You can ask your contactologist about them.

Changing the type of contact lenses


Question: I would like to start using a different type of contact lenses, what should I do?

Reply: Definitely see your contactologist first and let them know that you would like to try a new type of lenses. You can even suggest which ones you’d be interested in. He or she will then determine which type will be the best for you. It is not recommended to change the type of lenses without a proper examination by an eye doctor.

Monthly and daily contact lenses


Question: I wanted to ask – I have Biofinity contact lenses and I tried Switch Joy daily lenses and I would like to wear lenses by Coopervision, do they make anything similar?

Reply: Many optician chains sell contact lenses under their own private brand. The only difference from the original contact lenses is the packaging. Switch Joy are such a brand. To know what the original brand is, you have to know all the parameters (curvature, dioptres, diameter), replacement period, manufacturer and their material.

Multifocal contact lenses and their variety


Question: I have implanted multifocal lenses, I need to choose contact lenses but don’t know my dioptres, I don’t know how to pick the right ones, could you help me, please?

Reply: Your eye doctor or contactologist will give you the best advice. It is difficult to guess from a distance which contacts would work for you. A doctor will prescribe new contact lenses and give you a trial pair. So you will eliminate the risk of buying lenses that won’t fit you. Apart from parameters such as curvature, diameter and dioptres, it also depends on other qualities of the lens, such as material, water content or oxygen permeability.

Changing contact lenses


Question: I’ve been wearing soflens 59 by Bausch and Lomb for several years and I would like to start using better quality ones. My dioptres are –8,5 and –9. What do you recommend?

Reply: Your doctor or contactologist will give you the best advice on which lenses will fit you and suit you most. The doctor will prescribe a new type of lenses and give you a trial pair. So you won't run the risk of buying contact lenses that would not fit you. Apart from parameters such as curvature, diameter and dioptres, it also depends on other qualities of the lens, such as material, water content or oxygen permeability.

Changing contact lens type

Hana S.

Question: I would like to ask if axis is an important parameter when choosing continual wear contact lenses. I’ve been using toric Acuvue Oasis and would like to try continuous wear lenses with the same curvature as lenses by PureVision.

Reply: It is important to consult your eye doctor, or contactologist, for every change of contact lens' type, or brand.

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