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Frequently asked questions: Extended wear lenses

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Sleeping with Biofinity contact lenses


Question: I tried sleeping with the Biofinity contact lenses a few times without problems. Do you think it could cause any harm?

Reply: Biofinity contact lenses are designed for continuous wear. If you follow all safety procedures recommended for continuous wear contact lenses, you will have no problems. Also make sure to go for regular check-ups at your contactologist (every six months).

Continuous wear contact lenses


Question: Basically I wear contact lenses all the time, I would like to ask about continuous wear contact lenses. My optician has never mentioned them to me and until now, I thought they were more expensive that the ones I’m currently using. I’ve never experienced any problems with burning eyes, I sometimes sleep in lenses and wear them the following day without taking them out, despite them not being designed for it. I don’t have any issues, though. I wear Acuvue Advance contacts. I would like to know what the experience of other users is – not everything you read is true. I would also like to know if a continuous wear lens gets damaged a bit more easily than a standard bi-weekly one during application. Do you think continuous wear contact lenses would be suitable for me? I’ve never had any problems, I wear contacts every day and I am not suitable for eye surgery yet. One more thing – I’m registered at an optician’s where I paid 300 CZK and was told that my check-ups there would be free. Do I have to buy contact lenses from them?

Reply: Continuous wear contact lenses would probably be a more suitable option rather than wearing standard lenses for too long. Definitely don’t buy them without a check-up at a contactologist's, though. Just because it seems like your contact lenses don’t cause you any problems, it doesn’t mean that there are no changes happening in your eyes. If you use contact lenses daily, make sure you go for regular check-ups every six months.

Continuous wear contact lenses are more prone to tearing than other silicone-hydrogel lenses. Handling them will be similar to the Acuvue Advance lenses that you are currently using. It’s only your choice where you get your contacts from. If you buy them online, however, you can’t expect free check-ups at an optician’s. And vice versa – if your order contact lenses from an optician, they will offer you these services for free. There are more advantages: more frequent visits at an optician’s lead to more regular check-ups (internet shopping tends to lead tothe postponing of check-ups – “I don’t have any problems, after all.”). Furthermore, potential problems can be handled straight away.

We are sure you have calculated whether it’s cheaper to buy lenses at an optician’s and have free check-ups, or to buy lenses online and pay for check-ups on top of it. It would only be fair to let your optician know about your decision.

A fair-minded optician will definitely not be mad at you, they will value your trust if you continue having your check-ups there.

Should I always follow a contactologist’s advice when choosing contact lenses?


Question: I went to my contactologist a week ago for a new prescription and he told me that I was using the wrong type of contact lenses (PureVision). They themselves only sell Ciba Vision and he recommended Air Optix Night & Day to me which is basically the most expensive type of lenses. From what I read on the Internet – both brands (even a cheaper Air Optix version) are made from the same material – the only big difference is oxygen permeability. I wear contact lenses continuously and only take them out every fourth day when I go to sleep. I would like to know if it’s necessary to change the brand that I was used to or if I could perhaps use the Air Optix contact lenses that are the cheapest of the three. PureVision contact lenses are designed for continuous wear. If there is no other reason for change, you can keep using those.

Reply: PureVision contact lenses are designed for continuous wear. If there is no other reason for change, you can keep using those.

Are there other contact lenses like Air Optix Night and Day?


Question: I wear monthly Air Optix Night and Day that can be used at night. I am happy with them but I would still like to know if there’s another company producing similar contact lenses, and if you could tell me their price. I have the same prescription in both eyes, 1,5 D and 8,6 curvatures. I am short-sighted.

Reply: There are many Continuous wear contact lenses. However, it can be risky to change contact lenses without a new prescription. This is why I can’t simply just recommend you a new suitable type over the Internet. If you would like a change, please visit your contactologist for a trustworthy opinion.

Purevision or Biofinity?


Question: I’ve been wearing Purevision contact lenses for about 3 years. Last week, I went for a check-up at my contactologist and he recommneded Biofinity lenses even though I never had problems with my current lenses. I now have a test pair of Biofinity lenses and can’t see a difference! I am going away for three months this summer and I would like to know if I should use Biofinity that have12 % higher water content rather than PV. Which contact lenses are more suitable for everyday wear and everyday swimming in a pool or the sea.

Reply: Both types of contact lenses are very good. If your contactologist recommended Biofinity instead of PureVision, he probably had a good reason to do so. I would, however, definitely not recommend swimming in these lenses. Whether it’s a pool or sea, you risk contamination and infection. Daily contact lenses are made for these purposes as you can throw them away in the evening.

Are continuous wear contact lenses gentle to the eyes?


Question: I would like to ask about lenses that you don’t have to take out at night. Don’t they damage the eyes?

Reply: The contact lenses that you don’t have to take out at night – Extended wear – have their advantages. For example, in situations with worsened hygiene conditions. Healthy wearing requires you to follow certain principles, especially when it comes to continuous wear lenses. That’s why I would recommend, if possible, taking the lenses out every 3–4 days at night and going for regular check-ups. If you follow these rules, you don’t have to worry about your eyes being damaged.

Comfilcon A

Emma L.

Question: What is Comfilcon A?

Reply: Comfilcon A is the chief material employed by CooperVision. This material (silicone hydrogel) provides a high water content (48%) and an oxygen permeability of 128 Dk/t. The contact lens brand which is made of this material is Biofinity and, apart from this, lenses with Comfilcon A 128 Dk/t have become the favorite choice offered by the main chains of opticians’ shops.

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