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Frequently asked questions: Coloured lenses

Ask any question regarding contact lenses and we will answer it within a few days. The most interesting questions will be displayed on our site.

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Availability of coloured contact lenses


Question: My eye curvature is 9,0 and diameter is 14,2. Do you know if I can get coloured contact lenses?


Reply: The curvature and diameter values are not the only deciding criteria when it comes to choosing contact lenses. Another thing that matters is the material. Please consult your contactologist.

Eye colour after coloured contact lenses application


Question: I would like to ask if my eyes are brown and I buy let’s say green coloured contact lenses, will my eyes appear green or will the brown be showing through?


Reply: We can’t give you a definite answer because it depends on the type of coloured contact lenses you choose. Ideally you will choose the colour of your lenses during your application check-up at a contactologist where you can try more types before making a final choice.

Eye colour change with coloured contact lenses


Question: I would like to know if it’s possible to achieve the desired (blue) eye colour change with the FreshLook ColorBlends lenses if I have brown eyes. I would prefer this type over others due to the “natural” change that they promise.


Reply: The change is pretty likely, but you will only find out how natural it looks once you try coloured lenses at your contactologist’s.

Halloween contact lenses


Question: I would like to get some advice on choosing contact lenses. I am planning to use coloured contact lenses as a part of my Halloween costume but after that I wouldn’t have any other need to use yearly or monthly lenses so they would just lie at home until their expiration date. Which would be expensive fun. So, I’d need single-use contact lenses that would be tinted enough that they could cover my natural eye colour but wouldn’t be as expensive as monthly or yearly lenses.


Reply: It depends on what type of lenses you want. I suggest you browse our page for Coloured contact lenses, for the choice we offer for monthly, quarterly, or yearly lenses, with or without prescription, where you'll find prices that won't necessarily break the bank.

Period of contact lens wear

Aneta M.

Question: I bought non-prescription coloured lenses and I don’t plan on wearing them every day. So I wanted to ask if it would be a problem if I wore them for, let’s say, one day and then again after three or more days. Would it matter?


Reply: It depends on the brand, each can have a different period of wear. You might want to check these scary non-prescription contacts, ColourVue Sclera Full Eye Lenses, or browse our page for Coloured contact lenses, where you can find a selection of non-prescription coloured and crazy lenses.

Can I wear contact lenses for more than 6 months?

Laura H.

Question: I bought coloured contact lenses (black) with 6-months replacement period. Can I wear them for longer if I only applied them about five times?


Reply: Your lenses are designed to be worn for six months. After this period, we can’t guarantee their quality and we can’t recommend wearing them.

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