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The Easiest Way to Find Sunglasses That Match Your Skin Tone, Hair and Eye Colour

Choosing the right sunglasses lens colour

We all know the feeling of going to an optician to shop for stylish new sunglasses. Our new sunnies should be trendy, but also match our eyes, face shape and skin colour. Dozens of models are waiting for us, all cool and unique. So we try on as many glasses as we can to find the perfect model.

But do all the sunglasses we try on also suit our features? Do they complement our skin tone and our eye or hair colour, or are they just a fashionable accessory that doesn't suit us?

Save your precious time and find your new sunglasses online with the help of our colour guide. We'll show you which ones really suit you!

1. Sunglasses that match your skin tone

First of all, we want to determine your skin tone because this gives you information about the colour of your next sunglasses’ frames and lenses.

light skin tone and sunglasses

Cool skin tones

Cool skin tones can be easily determined: If you quickly get sunburnt, have blue, green or grey eyes, and have blue veins instead of green, your skin tone is likely to be cool rather than warm.

The best sunglasses for cool skin tones

If you have a cool skin tone, choose green, purple, blue, pink or silver frames. When choosing the lens colour, try blue, pink and silver. These colours will best match your tan and eye colour.

Some people have a mixture of cool and warm skin tones. You can choose between warm and cool colour palettes. But what are the best colours for warm skin tones?

Warm skin tone and sunglasses

Warm skin tones

Warm skin tones are characterized by tanned skin, brown or black eyes, and green rather than blue veins.

The best sunglasses for warm skin tones

With a warm skin tone, try red, brown, beige, orange, golden or yellow frames. These colours flatter your skin. Choose fiery colours or a juicy brown for your lenses. They will suit your skin and eyes perfectly.

2. Sunglasses that match your hair colour

Hair colour also plays an important role when it comes to finding sunglasses that complement your style. Read on to find out which ones best suit your type.

Warm blonde hair and sunglasses

Warm blonde

Warm blonde hair has a honey or bronze undertone and tends to lie on the darker side of the blonde spectrum. People with warm blonde hair can choose from a variety of colours. Brown tones are an excellent choice when buying sunglasses that go well with warm blonde hair. Blonde-haired people also look great with the hip Havana pattern.

Cool blonde hair and sunglasses

Cool blonde

Strawberry, platinum and ash-blonde people have a slightly lighter hair colour than their warm blonde counterparts. Cool blonde-haired people look gorgeous in colours such as black, blue and violet, as they create a harmonious contrast. In addition, cooler pink tones go perfectly with cool blonde hair.

Warm brown hair and sunglasses

Warm brown

If you have golden or red undertones in your hair tone, you probably have warm brown hair. That's why warm, natural colours like green, red, or gold suit you. In addition, the trendy Havana pattern suits you perfectly.

Cool brown hair and sunglasses

Cool brown

Brunettes with cooler, darker hair usually have an ashy undertone in their hair colour. Black, pink or blue sunglasses suit you well. However, cooler brown and beige tones complement your hair colour best.

Red hair and sunglasses

Red hair

Red hair can also have different tones. There are cooler red tones and warm orange tones. However, all shades of red are matched by green sunglasses frames or lenses that create a beautiful contrast to your hair.

Black hair and sunglasses

Black hair

If you have black hair, there are also two different tones here. The cool shades go perfectly with blue sunglasses, while the warmer colours look stunning with brown glasses. In general, black always looks good in combination with blackgreenred or purple.

Grey hair and sunglasses

White and grey hair

White hair also has a cool and a warm variant. While white hair is rather cool, grey hair belongs to the warm tones. In general, however, we can recommend lighter and more colourful sunglasses for all tones. Red or beautiful purple tones are best. Avoid brown or beige sunglasses as they steal the show from your white hair.

3. Sunglasses that match your eye colour

Last but not least, we would like to point out the importance of your eye colour when choosing the right sunglasses. Read on to find out which frame and lens colours complement your eye colour and let your eyes shine like diamonds!

Green eyes and sunglasses

Green eyes

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful green eyes, you can easily wear brown and golden colours. If you're looking for something extravagant, choose pink or violet as contrasting colours.

Blue eyes and sunglasses

Blue eyes

Blue eyes are a real eye-catcher and should therefore be highlighted by the colour of your sunglasses. Blue eyes harmonise perfectly with blue and grey tones, and brown Havana patterns form a beautiful contrast.

Brown eyes and sunglasses

Brown eyes

Just like your hair colour, your beautiful deep-brown eyes can also be cooler or warmer in tone. In general, however, golden, brown and green sunglasses are a stylish and enchanting addition to brown eyes.

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