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Timeless Sunglasses Shapes

Timeless sunglasses


Once you've found the best pair that compliments your face, you want to make sure that you wear them any time you need them. That is why our advice is to buy one of the many classic shapes that will never go out of style:


Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal RB3025 L0205 58

Pilot Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses, also known as Pilot sunglasses were originally designed for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, thus the name aviator. Today, pilot sunglasses are a staple accessory in everyone's closet. For 2021, the trend is still going strong, both on the runways and at fashion-forward retailers.

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Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 901 54


Wayfarer sunglasses, created by Ray-Ban designer Raymond Stegeman in 1952, have been one of the most popular sunglass shapes ever since. They have been worn by everyone from celebrities to politicians. The success of the Wayfarer can be attributed to its design: Its natural top bar and slightly curved rims are both versatile and effortlessly cool.

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Meller Kubu Tigris Olive

Rounded shaped sunglasses

Their most characteristic feature are their circle lenses and retro metal frames or other colourful materials. Round sunglasses are equally wide and tall and they soften angular faces, with perfectly circular shapes conveying a vintage look.

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Rectangular sunglasses

Rectangular shaped sunglasses are wide, rectangular lenses, some with angular corners, others with more rounded edges. Rectangular sunglasses are an excellent choice for almost every face, especially those with oval, round, or heart-shaped faces. You can find these versatile frames in any material and color.

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Vogue 0VO 4085S 848/13 50


Teashades, also known as „John Lennon“ glasses", were a type of psychedelic art wire-rim sunglasses that were often worn, usually for purely aesthetic reasons, by members of the 1960s counterculture. Today these timeless shapes are a must-have accessory for everyone who loves the vintage vibe AND searches for good UV protection.


You can’t go wrong wearing one of these, no matter what designers will come up with for the following season. Just make sure you pick the ones that match your face shape!

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