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Air Optix Aqua Multifocal (3 lenses)

Contact lenses Monthly Multifocal Alcon Air Optix

based on 24 reviews

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Air Optix Aqua Multifocal reviews:
96 % based on 24 reviews

Contact lenses are really nice
I feel the prescription multifocal addition (I buy the high one) doesn’t quite meet my expectations, but they’re ok. Comfortable to wear though.
Comfortable all day - has meant I don’t need to bother with glasses
Love being able to leave them in all week. Very happy with product after 2 or 3 years of using.
I think the strength on these lenses has changed as I have had to order medium instead of low and my prescription has not changed.
Unfortunately the product is recently has been changed.
Everything is fine but unsure about the multi focal strength
great product for me. I am able to wear my lenses all day every day without irritation
Great lenses very comfortable indeed
I wear multifocals every day from getting up to bedtime, they are very comfortable and very easy ti get used to. i would recommend them to everyone, much better than wearing reading glasses
Highly recommended
12 hrs daily
i have used these lenses before and knows the quality. excellent quality. will recommend new users.ease of use. comfortability. like you are not wearing any lenses. vision is great.
Not as good as some more expensive ones but ok for the money
All good
Soft contact lenses which are replaced monthly. I remove them daily as advised by my optometrist and try to have one day off a week.
AIR optix have been the most comfortable lenses I have tried
Excellent product doesn't irritate. Usually have to wear reading glasses With my normal lenses but these are a great help.
I have been wearing soft lenses for a while and have no problems with them at all.
Excellent product and service
Good lenses, i can wear them for up to 12 hours. I find these the best multi focal lenses on the market at the present time.
Used this brand for 6 months now . Excellent product
Product arrived quickly. And was £10 cheaper than local opticians price excellent servicen

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Details of Air Optix Aqua Multifocal (3 lenses)

Air Optix Aqua Multifocal are monthly soft contact lenses for daily use. Their Aqua moisture system lubricates the lens and provides all-day comfort, and Precision Transition technology enables clear vision at all distances. Air Optix Aqua Multifocal ensure a smooth fit so you can stay in your contact lenses for longer.

The Air Optix Aqua Multifocal contact lenses are no longer in production. The only versions available are the ones currently in stock.

Users of the Air Optix Aqua Multifocal contacts can start using the new Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde Multifocal lenses without a new prescription.

This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

Product Details

Expiration: At least 35 months
Material:  Lotrafilcon B
Easy handling tint:  Yes
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  33 %
Oxygen transmissibility:  138 Dk/t
UV filter:  No
Silicone Hydrogel:  Yes
Inside-out indicator:  No
Lenses in a box:  3
Power:  from -10.0 to +6.0
Diameter:  14.2
Base curve:  8.6
Add:  Low to +1.25, Medium from +1.50 to +2.00, High from +2.25 to +2.50
Center thickness:  0.08 mm
Elastic modulus:  1.0 MPa
Weight: 11 g

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  • Anonymous

    can you please advise me of the add for my lenses which are 3.75 plus for right eye and 2.75 plus for the left? I lost the box of my last order should I order high medium or low add?

    • Fabrizio

      Hello there,

      Unfortunately the details in your prescription are not something that can be
      made up, without the assistance from an ophtalmologist. And the ADD is very

      If you have bought your lenses from us in the past, you could contact me with
      your details at info@lentiamo.co.uk

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Derek P.

    I currently use Daily Acuvue Multi Focal Dominant right eye +0.50 Add +1.75 BC 8.4 D 14.3 left eye +1.25 Add +2.50
    I can read very well almost as good as reading glasses.
    However distance is slightly blurred over 30 metres with the contacts I currently use.
    if I don’t have any contacts in at all my reading is poor but distance is very good using both eyes very good using right eye slightly blurred using left eye.
    Would a different brand of contact produce better distance or would monthly give me both reading and distance?

    • Fabrizio

      Hi Derek,

      That's a job for your eye specialist…I had a similar problem and part of
      the fault was on the Base Curve, that needed to be adjusted. It might be just a
      single parameter, or you may need to change brand and type of lenses altogether
      (multifocal torics?), so go to your trusted ophtamologist to discuss this

      If you have other queries, please contact me at info@lentiamo.co.uk

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Mike H.

    My present contacts are varifocal great for distance but not too good for reading is this common with contacts or maybe the brand your advise would ne appreciated

    • Fabrizio

      Dear Mike,

      The lenses I'm supposed to wear are multifocal torics, which are even more
      complex…and having had a similar problem, I've had to consult with my optician
      and try different combinations, to have a positive result. So, I suggest you
      see your specialist to see what can be done about that problem, there might be
      the need to re-touch the prescription.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Sarah S.

    If this is a multifocal lense, where do I enter the reading part for the lense?
    Not overly clear on what I should order my glasses prescription reads R SPH-3.50 CYL -50 AXIS 95.0 Near ADD +1.75 The left is slightly different but I am not sure how this corresponds through ording with yourselves.

    • Jessica

      Hi, Glasses prescriptions are different than lens prescriptions.
      I would suggest seeing an optician to get your lens prescription. But from what
      it seems with the prescription you provided, you should be looking at toric
      lenses not multifocal. Thanks!

  • E P.

    My add is 1.75 is that low med or high

    • Alexandru-Mihai


      For +1.75 it will be medium addition. If you need any assistance in choosing
      your lenses or your prescription please do not hesitate to contact us. We will
      be happy to help.


    • Alexandru-Mihai


      For +1.75 it will be medium addition. If you need any assistance in choosing
      your lenses or your prescription please do not hesitate to contact us. We will
      be happy to help.


  • A.Beauchamp

    What add low.midium,high referring to?

    • Petru


      Thank you for this question. If you need multifocal contact lenses, you must
      also choose the Addition. That is a parameter that should be found on your

      ADD indicates the difference between both your myopia and your hyperopia in
      dioptres (power).

      I hope my reply helped. Happy to remain at your service.

  • E C.

    How can you tell if the lense is inside out?

    • Petru

      If the lens is good for application, it should be curved upwards, like a
      bowl, not outwards. This link should give you full details, if your doctor has
      not done that yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?… I hope my reply helped. :)

  • Sue M.

    Very good


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