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Skiing sunglasses

Skiing sunglasses not only shield your eyes from the sun's glare, they also provide crucial protection against wind, snow, and harmful UV rays. Sport sunglasses are an important accessory to keep you safe on the slopes.

What kind of sunglasses to wear when skiing

Look for a durable construction and high UV filtering in sunglasses for skiing. Other features you should consider include:

  • Lens technologies – Consider polarisation vs mirroring to greatly cut glare or reduce light from reflective snow. Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions, ensuring optimal vision throughout the day.
  • Anti-fog features – Anti-fog coatings or ventilation systems prevent fog buildup to keep vision clear.
  • Frame shape – Wraparound or larger frames provide sufficient coverage, increased field of vision, and protection against wind, snow, and debris.
  • Durability – Frames and lenses made of durable materials like nylon or polycarbonate offer better resistance against impact.
  • Comfort and fit – Adjustable nose pads and temples ensure a secure and comfortable fit to prevent slippage and pinching.

Is it okay to ski in sunglasses?

It’s important to use some type of eye protection when skiing for protection. Not only do sunglasses for skiing help shield from UV rays, they provide crucial protection from glare and reflected sunlight off of white snow. Skiers often wear sunglasses to protect from the sun’s rays, which become more intense at higher altitudes. They’re a convenient option that some find more comfortable or preferable to bulkier ski goggles.

Do you need polarised lenses for skiing?

In addition to UV protection, polarised sunglasses can provide great glare reduction for snow and ice. This can enhance your vision to help you see and perform better. On the other hand, when glare is eliminated or reduced, it can be difficult to spot icy patches. Polarised lenses are therefore a personal choice for many skiers. The best options are shades that keep you safe and protect your eyes.



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