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SofLens Natural Colors (2 lenses)

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SofLens Natural Colors reviews:
83 % based on 18 reviews

Great product. Feels good to wear.
Looks good. Comfortable.
I don't know because I still waiting for my order and I don't know how long else they take.
I bought them for my sister, she is very happy and sattisfied
very good quality. soft and comfy
I was sold a box of fake lenses
i love these contact lenses as they have a darker limbal ring round them. They make the eyes look very pretty. Ive had the platinum for a while now. Unfortunately the manufacturer has discontinued them for my prescription :(
Great contact lenses but would purchase from a different supplier
Had to get used to them as usually wear dailies mostly.nThe colour green I chose is very natural and covers my brown eyes perfectly.
verry nice
This is for SofLens Natural Colors Emerald.nnTried these contacts on and on my eyes (dark brown) you could definitely see the dark green colour. Unfortunately they looked more like cataracts than anything else. There was NOTHING natural about the colour at all. nThese contacts were also incredibly uncomfortable and had to come out straight away because of this. Naturally this could be because my eyes simply aren't a good match with these particular contacts, and they may fit others better than they did me. I ended up binning mine, though as they simply weren't right for me.nn I have previously tried both Freshlook Colorblends (green) and Freshlook One Day (green), and colourwise they do look a lot more natural on me. Yes, the colours are more subtle than the SofLens ones, but they don't look like I've got cataracts! I found that for me the One Day contacts suited me the best, sizewise, as they are slightly smaller (both print area and the hole left for the pupil) than the Colorblends, but blend just as well with my dark brown eyes.

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Details of SofLens Natural Colors (2 lenses)

Colored contact lenses , SofLens Natural Colors, from Bausch & Lomb come with or without prescription and can be worn either occasionally for up to three months, or for one month when used daily.

SofLens Natural Colors are manufactured in 0.50 diopters and 8.70 base curve but we may have some of the old powers 0.25 and 8.40 base curve still in stock.

These natural colored lenses are available in the following colors:

• Amazon • Aquamarine • Emerald • India • Indigo • Jade • Pacific • Platinum • Topaz • Dark Hazel 

We consider these monthly colored lenses to be some of the best on the market as they offer great value and have amazing results with natural cover, suitable for both light and dark eyes.

Customers who bought these lenses also bought Vantio Multi-Purpose 360 ml with case.

This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

Bright, natural or crazy coloured contact lenses? Find out which coloured contact lenses will suit you the best!

Amazon, Aquamarine, Emerald, India, Indigo, Jade, Pacific, Platinum, Topaz, Dark Hazel

Product Details

Expiration: At least 24 months
Material:  Polymacon
Easy handling tint:  No
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  38,6 %
Oxygen transmissibility:  14 Dk/t
UV filter:  No
Silicone Hydrogel:  No
Inside-out indicator:  No
Lenses in a box:  2
Power:  from -6.0 to -0.25
Diameter:  14.0
Base curve:  8.7
Center thickness:  0.06 mm
Weight: 17 g
Category:Monthly Contact Lenses
Coloured Contact Lenses
Quarterly Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Spherical Contact Lenses

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Comments about SofLens Natural Colors (2 lenses) Add a question

  • Princess T.

    Need asap pls

    • Gergana-Ekaterina

      Dear Princess,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Please contact us at info@lentiamo.co.uk if you need any assistance with ordering from our website.

      Kind Regards

  • Daniela B.

    I bought several different types of contact lenses now but I will leave a comment for the ones I have tried Soft Lens Natural Color- Pacific. For maybe 16-17 years I wear colored lenses with diopters and most of that time I have used only one brand which and the color and durable and comfort were the best for me.more than 7 years ago this brand disappeared and I was
    forced to try many but really many and different.I can say with great pleasure that I have found what I have been looking for for so many years.extremely comfortable, great color finish, great color .I wear lenses constantly more than their allowable capacity 8 hours a day and I can say for sure.now I enter for the second time to buy more to have in advance.later I will post photos and when I try the other types I will comment on them.

    • Gergana-Ekaterina


      Thank you for your comment and feedback.

      We are pleased to hear that you are satisfied with the product.

      Kind Regards.

  • Souad R.

    Hi I like this brand and I have been buying optics for a long time

    • Sanne

      Hi Souad,

      That is nice to hear, thank you! If you wish any help with placing a new
      order, let us know.

      Best regards, Sanne

  • Natalie C.

    Do you do different base curves?

    • Fabrizio

      Hello Natalie,

      Unfortunately these lenses have a fixed BC.

      Please check different brands and types to see if you can have the
      required BC.


      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Heloise B.

    which is closet to sterling gray?

    • Fabrizio

      Hi Eloise,

      Colouration varies depending on the colour of your eyes, therefore I cannot
      answer your question.

      However, take a look at the coloured lenses page and try to see the “real
      photos” that show the difference between real eye colour and coloured

      For any other query, please contact me at info@lentiamo.co.uk

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Toshali D.

    Hi, I am looking for quarterly soft lenses natural colours (-2.5 both eyes). Thank you

    • Fabrizio

      Hello Toshali,

      The PWR you mention seems to be available, so there's no problem there.
      However bear in mind that the Base Curve and the Diameter have to match your
      requirements. Plus the material, water content and oxygen have to be taken into

      I suggest you get a trial pair from your eye specialist, before you purchase
      any type of lens.

      After that, if you need any assistance, you can contact me at info@lentiamo.co.uk

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Michelle F.

    I usually wear 1.25 right and 1.75 left, as this is not available, should I go up or down? ie 1 or 1.5 for right etc?

    • Martina

      Hello Michelle, You should not experiement with the powers, and just try
      whatever powers you think. Therefore, I cannot tell which power you should use.
      Do you have a valid prescription for those powers?
      Furthermore, you do not specifiy whether the power is in plus or minus. However,
      we do have other coloured lenses in both the plus and minus powers that you
      mention. You can see them here:https://www.lentiamo.co.uk/…rblends.html Regards, Martina Lentiamo Customer Service

  • Eloisa

    Hi. Could you confirm which color name this is?


    • Jessica

      Hi, We do not carry dark grey anymore. The closest colour to dark grey
      would be either “Platinum” or “Jade”. Thank you!

  • Marie L.

    Hi, I usually wear daily contact lenses so please could you advise me what storage solution etc to buy? Thankyou

  • Kristina J.

    U Europi ih prestavljaju i prodaju kao tromjesecne. A vidim da su kod vas mjesecne. Lazu u Europi

    • Jessica

      Hello, I am unsure of your comment. Can you write it in English? Thank
      you, Jessie

  • Daniela P.

    how long is the life spand plz

    • Jessica

      Hi, These are montly lenses. So, they will last you for one month.
      Thank you!

  • Donna M.

    How comes I can’t seem to get a lense for my right eye ? My left is -1.50 and my right is -1.75

    • Jessica

      Hi, These lenses are made in .50 increments only. Thank you!

  • Tatjana I.

    Thanks for this absolutely awesome lenses,I can wear them wherever I am,specially in my work place (I work in chilled place)and the temperature is changing every 2 hours and still I don't feel them as another ones I tried,I'm totally happy with the service and those small surprises you put into my orders,thank you very much

    • Catarina

      Hi! I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your lenses! Thank you
      for being a loyal client of Lentiamo. :) Cheers

  • Luisa N.

    I am so happy you still have the 8.4 base curve in stock. Buying all the boxes I can! Thank you so much, I cannot wear the 8.7 but for the time being you have solved my problem.

    • Petru


      You need the non-dioptric version of this product

      I hope my reply helped. :)

  • Monika Z.

    are these lenses suitable for continous use like pure vision hd? if not can you suggest which coloured lenses would be suitable to sleep in with?

    • Eva


      These lenses are not suitable for continuous wear. Unfortunately, we do not
      have any coloured lenses that would offer to sleeping in them. Sorry for any
      inconvenience caused.

  • snezhana


  • snezhana


  • Susie

    Is good but I'm look for contact lenses colour autum

    • Ivana

      Hello, Please check our range of Magic Eye or FreshLook Colors.
      Hopefully you will find rather autumn colours among them.


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