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Ray-Ban RB3445 002/58 61


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Product details

The world-renowned Ray-ban brand is rightfully considered to be the top among sunglasses. The collection of Ray-ban guarantees high quality with timeless design and is available in many shapes and colours. The iconic Ray-ban sunglasses are also popular among celebrities which made them famous all around the world.

The unisex sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3445 002/58 are equally popular with all genders.

Sunglasses frame

  • The black colour of the frame perfectly matches a cool skin tone and light blonde, light brown or black hair.
  • Rectangle frames are an ideal choice for those with an oval or round face shape.
  • The frame of the sunglasses is made of a combination of metal and plastic. It offers high durability, stability and extraordinary sty­le.

Sunglasses lens

  • The green lenses reduce the intensity of the light without affecting the contrast or distorting the colours.
  • The lenses are made of plastic, whose undeniable advantages are the light weight and crack resistance.
  • Thanks to the unique technology of polarised lenses, the sunglasses offer perfect vision, eliminate unwanted reflections and protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. They improve resolution, depth of field and focus. Polarising sunglasses filter out dangerous reflections and reflected white light. This makes them particularly suitable for drivers, cyclists, skiers and anglers. But they are just as suitable as a fashion accessory for everyday wear.
  • The shades have UV 400 protection, which provides 100% protection from sunlight. The lenses of the sunglasses feature a category 3 sun filter (light transmission 8 – 18% ). They are suitable for intense sun exposure on the beach or in the city.


  • We deliver the sunglasses in their original case. The colour of the case and its design may vary.
  • The cloth supplied is ideal for cleaning and caring for sunglasses.
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Gender:  Unisex
Frame shape:  Rectangle
Polarized:  Yes
Mirrored:  No
Photochromic:  No
Lens permeability & Filter category: Dark filter suitable for intensive sun rays — filter category 3
UV filter 400:  Yes
Frame material:  Metal/Plastic
Lens material:  Plastic
Frame color:  Black
Lens color:  Green
Case:  Yes
Cleaning cloth:  Yes
Use:  Fashion
Weight: 45 g

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Ray-Ban RB3445 002/58 reviews:
100 % based on 2 reviews

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Comments about Ray-Ban RB3445 002/58 Add a question

  • Sunny

    The small size has a frame width of 132mm, however the lens width of 61mm x 2 plus the bridge width of 17mm is 141mm. I need a frame that’s around 133mm wide. Is the frame width of these glasses accurate?

    • Sunny

      Sorry, 141mm should be 139mm.

      • Gergana-Ekaterina

        Hello Sunny,

        Thank you for your question.

        Yes, the width of the product should be accurate.

        As for other pairs, that have a width of around 130 mm - please, take a look here - https://www.lentiamo.co.uk/sunglasses/sunglasses-for-women/size-s/size-xs.html. These are all of our models, that come in sizes XS and S. The width is respectively around 130 mm.

        Kind Regards.

  • Jon

    Hi. What is the weight of Ray-Ban RB3445 Green Polarised sunglasses please? I don't want to order if they could be too heavy for me

    • Gergana-Ekaterina

      Hello, Jon. Thank you for your comment. The weight of the glasses should be about 45 g, as mentioned in the Product Details section above.
      Kind Regards.


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